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Sichuan Tourist resort B&B Hotel
   Product Specified: Sintered Stone series
Shanghai Ya fan SPA Life Hall
   Products Specified: Sintered Stone
A Western kitchen in a Chinese community
    Project Location: Chengdu - Wanke
   Product Specified: Sintered Stone
Guangzhou HEY TEA Lab Store
    Location: Tianhuan square, Tianhe District, 
Guangzhou, China
  Flooring Project Size: 350 M2
Foshan March Cloth Shop
   Product Specified: Terrazzo Series
Home Decoration in Guangzhou
    Project Date: October 7, 2018
  Type of Project: Home decoration
   Flooring Project Size: 120sqm
Hong Kong Peter's home
    Project Date: May 1, 2020
  Type of Project: Home decoration
   Product Specified: Tropik Collection
Swimming Pool in China
    Project Location: China
  Project Type: Swimming Pool
   Product Used: Ceramic Swimming Pool Mosaic Tile
CementWood Elegance: Shanghai's Culinary Haven
    Project Location: Shanghai, China
  Project Type: Chain Restaurant
   Product Used: Gray Cement Tile - 450 square meters
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