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 Project Name: A Western kitchen in a Chinese community
  Chengdu - Wanke


The project is located on the 2nd floor of Wanke Lanrunyuan Community, Wenjiang District, Chengdu, with an indoor area of 110 square meters. The owner, Mr. Wang, is a post-90s, who has just returned from abroad for one year. He has lived and studied in the United States and Europe independently for more than 8 years before. He has been influenced by European and American culture for a long time, and has his own unique pursuit for delicious food.

At home, he wants to be able to enjoy the warmth of Chinese food and the style of Western food. Therefore, in addition to the Chinese kitchen, the customer also insisted on adding an open western kitchen. Since Mr. Wang is in the IT industry and does not know much about the current domestic interior decoration trend, he found his colleague who had just finished the decoration, and his colleague bought the tiles from WIFi. He was very satisfied with the product quality and service of WIFi, so he recommended us to Mr. Wang.




Because the owner is in abroad all the year round, for decorating the kitchen, especially the savour of ceramic tile and stage face plate, he is more choosy, and wants the contracted style of natural stone material. But the hardness of natural stone material shows inadequacy a bit, and the dimension of common ceramic tile is insufficient again, when processing comes out ,the aesthetic feeling is deficient.



After understanding the owner of Mr. Wang's needs, we immediately recommended to him the company recently launched, is also the most popular SLATE - Sintered stone series, both beautiful, and can meet the use of requirements. Only the processing needs to be processed in Foshan, and then packaged and shipped to Chengdu as a whole.

And finally, after weeks of patient recommendation and help, comparing the plans of several processing plants, Mr. Wang finally confirmed the black porcelain slab countertops and the white carrara staircases.




The success of this project is actually due to the fact that we have always been responsible for the quality of products and customer service. Therefore, there will be customers to introduce customers to buy our products, we should also, as always, do a good job in products and services.

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