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 Project Name: UAE Ambassador Residence
  Project Location: United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Residence Villa

Although marble is beautiful and atmospheric, its extraction consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Out of the pursuit of energy and environmental protection, the owner decided to choose tile instead, but still with a 1:1 restored marble design, fully reflecting the owner's noble pursuit.

We provided 8 patterned surface styles for this project, as well as the deep ink touch. When you touch this tile, you will feel it is real marble in general. In fact marble tile is very good to lay because it has uniform tone and no cracks or impurities.

For deep processing, the waterjet parquet shape, the tile can also be completed well. The styles of light curry and sago, interlocking, are very beautiful. The owner is very satisfied with the quality and style of the tiles. We are also honored for providing tile solutions to environmentalists.


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