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 Project Name: Al Mafraq Hospital
  Project Location: Abu Dhab - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Hospital

This is a hospital project in 2015. The hospital is located at 8JH7+J9F - International Highway - Shakhbout City - Al Mafraq - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates and is an advanced public hospital.

We supplied a total of 3 sizes and 2 surfaces for this project, with a total area of 93,000 square meters. The total delivery time was 8 months, because after the 6th month of delivery, the project was restocked with 1200 square meters due to miscalculations or wastage. For this replenishment quantity, we had to produce the same color code as the previous product, because it was a complete project and it was very necessary to ensure color uniformity.

During the preliminary communication, all the products selected by the designer were lappato surfaces. Considering that this is a public place, we suggested the client to use matt 600*600 for all the floors, half polished 300*600 for the walls, and matt 300*300 for the public restrooms for safety and anti-slip performance reasons. We were very happy that the builder accepted our proposal.

In such a large project, we learned how to use our expertise to provide the right advice to the client, and we also felt the recognition of our professionalism from the client. It was really a great cooperation.


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