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 Project name: Hong Kong Peter's home
  Project Date: May 1, 2020
Type of Project: Home decoration
 Flooring Project Size: 105 apartments, 6300sqm.
 Item No. : TRP912
  Size: 150*900MM

Client demands

After the communication between Peter and his wife, we know that they like the natural, simple, comfortable and practical style. "People-oriented" is our appeal point of design, to give residents in both personality and taste of life space is our responsibility and pursuit.

Therefore, warm color wood grain TRP912 150*900MM is recommended for the whole floor. Simple style lines, low-key color, natural wood tone makes the room full of leisure and relaxed atmosphere. From the visual experience, light color ceramic tile can make the whole space larger to better match the dark gray sofa, wood color dining table and other space decorations.

On the foundation that retains the advantage of original house type, We have added an element of individuality and fashion by using the kitchen of open mode and special Mosaic. We also use a warm gray wall and a white kitchen series to make a dimensional contrast, so that the whole space is more stereo and straight. The visual perception is spacious and it is transparent inside and outside.

The colors in the dining room, living room and kitchen are perfectly integrated. Make the house warm and comfortable. Low-key but somewhat luxurious taste. When the decoration was finished, their families were very satisfied with our work. They also send photos to share happiness with us.

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