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The Eilat Holiday House project in southern Israel, led by the mayor of Eilat, is being discussed by a group of real estate executives and will significantly change the resort area in the next few years.

"This is Eilat's time of money: pier Park, coastal zone, city center, renovation of tourist vacation homes, breakthrough urban renewal programs, construction of new communities, construction of hotels, introduction of new business chains, establishment of development centers, etc." Said Mayor Meir Yitzhak Halevi.

Located in Eilat, the resort is equipped with an outdoor swimming pool, Shared lounge, Garden, terrace and free WiFi. It is 4.4km from the Eilat Botanical Garden and 8km from the Underwater Observation Ocean Park. There is a Shared kitchen and barbecue facilities for guests.

Each guest room of the resort has a wardrobe. Guest rooms are equipped with private bathrooms and air conditioning. Some guest rooms offer balconies.


Holiday house has all sorts of activity space, the color collocation of ceramic tile of different space also will be different. At the same time, it should meet the requirements of anti - skid, wear - resistant, anti - fouling. The ceramic tile choice, in addition to the quality must be in line with international standards, It requires the product color to be rich, and the design to be simple and atmospheric.

Amber and Charlotte, both of which are based on Italian design style, are also featured with soft surface, anti-skid and easy to clean, offering different aesthetics from different angles.It is suitable for floor and wall and perfectly match with the needs of customers.

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