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 Project Name: Karuma Hydro Power Station--Employers' Camp



The Project of the Karuma Hydro Power Station, which led by the Ugandan government department, was contracted by Sinohydro corporation. In addition to the construction of the dam and the power station, the project will initially be supported by 100 owners' residential units, including square meters, apartments, office buildings and laboratories near the power station.



As it is currently the largest hydropower station in Uganda, it carries Uganda's great aspiration of strengthening the country and enriching its people. The supporting housing design is up to the international standards. Therefore,the building material that the place purchases, especially the ceramic tile, the quality must accord with international standard, The design should also be simple and atmospheric.

Because the project is financed by loans, the budget must be controlled precisely to meet the design and construction requirements. And the amount of ceramic tile is huge, more than 100,000 square meters, so the purchase of ceramic tile has a very big impact on the overall budget.




For the procurement of ceramic tiles, if they select the European production, the quality and design is standards-compliant, but the price is very expensive. It's bound to go over budget; And if they buy the ceramic tiles locally produced in Africa, the design and quality are very hard to meet the requirements. So when the subcontractor came to us and told us the requirements for ceramic tile.

We recommended several products with classic atmospheric cement design: Amber & Charlotte, in addition to the derived from the Italian design style, the product also has a soft surface, prevent slippery, and easy to clean, etc, it perfectly match the needs of customers, and they immediately determine the two products.




The reason for the success of this project is that we are constantly updating the design and demanding the quality. At the same time, the product price of our factory has certain advantages compared with that of Europe and other parts of China, so it can just meet the requirements of such a large project.

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