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  Project Name: Jimmy’s Suits - Larnaca, Cyprus

The Client:

The hotel is located in Cyprus, which belongs to Asia, but is closer to Europe. Many European tourists visit this place all the year round. Most local hotels are either too high-end or relatively low-end, and there are few mid-range hotels. So there is great demand for mid-range hotels.

The Challenge:

As this is the first hotel project of the customer, the budget is relatively conservative, but the customer wants to improve the grade of the hotel as much as possible within the limited budget. Products made in China are world famous, so customers plan to purchase all decorative materials including ceramic tiles from China. However, China's ceramic tiles are of different quality, it is even more difficult to find a supplier whose product style is closer to Europe, and with good quality & reasonable price. Fortunately, the customers spent three days in Canton Fair and finally found us-WIFi Ceramics.

The solution:


For hotel decoration, customers want to create a retro style, so the product style is inclined to cement style. The overall collocation doesn't need too exaggerated elements, but the kitchen backs-plash needs a little special ornament. As the hotel is not large, our recommended product specifications are mainly size 600 x 600mm, Charlotte series CLT603 gray is for the floor, and the mosaic with mixed colors of Charlotte series for kitchen back-splash. Because Charlotte series is a roller-printing product, the surface is soft and feels good, and it is easy to clean. The bathroom is another cement style product, Civil series. Cement design ensures the unified style, and the rustic surface provides a better slip-resistant performance, which is suitable for wet areas like bathroom.



Our customers chose us in the end because our designs are various and originated from Europe, plus, we have achieved a good balance between quality and price.

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