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 Project Name: Vox Cinmas Mall
  Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Shopping Mall

This is a high-end mall project located at Mall of Emirates - Level 2 - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. The underground parking was costly and difficult to build due to the location, and to solve this problem the architects cleverly planned for the parking to be on the roof of the building.

And we also considered the open-air roof top parking when we provided the building material proposal for this one project. So in this area, we recommended two 600*600 matt tiles in taupe and beige colors.

For the interior of the mall, we recommended 60*60 marble look tile and 600*600 bould loading crystal white and beige tile, taking into account the aesthetics and the positioning of the mall.

In the end, the designer chose crystal white tile and beige tile for the mall's interior floor, because it can stimulate people's desire to buy from the psychological point of view.

For the parking lot on the top floor, the designer chose taupe color to make it more durable and durable, so that it would have a more stable look.

The communication on this project let us know that designers should not only understand aesthetics, but also consumer psychology, and that every master in the field is a master across the board. Do you agree?


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