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 Project Name: Al Hitmi Office Building in Doha


AL HITMI, a commercial office building in Doha, is a private company whose clients want to renovate and rebuild a high-end office building in the city center. The project was originally intended to try out several floors and replace the original retro floors with modern styles, so that all the office staff can experience a modern sense of fast rhythm.



The project is in the heart of Doha, where traffic is busy and people are in a hurry, and the client wants to renovate his building. The previous decoration design can not keep up with the modern aesthetic, So he wanted to find simple, atmospheric interior materials.

The first few floors will be open to use as a template, and if the results are good, the whole building will continue to be improved. So first of all it needs productions of good quality, fast supply and beautiful appearance. And if the whole design has to be refurbished, the cost will be very expensive, so we need to control the cost of every material.



For ceramic tile, the procurement of mesa and background walls, the client made comparison with Italy, Spain, India, and China brand, he felt that the Italian products look good but the price is expensive, and it's over budget, the quality of the products of India and Spain, he also heard many complaints of others.

For products in China, he didn't come into contact with, only heard the brand in China is becoming more and more popular, so he came to China to visit the factory, after a large number of factory production process and quality control efforts and exhibition hall style of screening, he finally found us. The client chose our carrara CAVA series and PORCELAIN SLAB collections.



This project can be finished mainly because: our design is simple and stylish, the quality of the products is good, the direct factory price and meticulous service, so that we and our clients reached a very happy deal.

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