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 Project Name: Foshan March Cloth Shop
  Product Specified: Terrazzo Series(Click Here)

Client Demand


Even if the customer is not running a big brand clothing store, he runs his own tasteful and stylish membership shop, At ordinary times, in addition to choosing clothes, customers come here for leisure ways. Therefore, the customer has their own high requirements and ideas for the layout and collocation of the space.



Finally, we suggest: time's most popular terrazzo. Terrazzo look tile has a special style design, but not fancy. It belongs to the versatile, and it is very suitable for all kinds of commercial space, as well as also improve the fashion sense of the space but will not go against the rules. For example,South Korea Starbucks construction has been using our company's this product.


The mold has the anti-skid function in addition to deepening the texture of the brick, but it is easy to clean, which is very suitable for the needs of customers.

The customer was very satisfied with the result. We went to this shop once in a while to choose clothes and we became friends.

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