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 Project Name: Sky View
  Project Location:Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Commercial Center + Apartment

Located in the city center, the SKY VIEW is across the street from Dubai Mall, and is two h-shaped buildings with beautiful and powerful shapes and an open-air swimming pool in the shape of a cruise ship on the top floor.

We supplied the tiles for this project in 2015. At that time, the designer gave us renderings of homogeneous tiles in banco color with polished & matt finishing effect, for which we provided two options of tile matching:
1. Super white polished & matt 600*600
2. Mirco powder banco polished & matt 600*600

After several meetings and recommendations by our material consultant, the designer finally chose Mirco powder banco polished & matt 600*600 because it is both homogeneous tile and has some light texture on the surface, which will have some crystal feeling of granularity, and these details make this kind of tile become more visible.

This project is large in size and yet the developer was extremely strict about the color code of the tiles. They wanted, for a site area of 100,000 square feet, to control the tile color to within 5 color numbers. After many discussions with the production manager and technical supervisor, we gave a solution: we asked the customer to place a one-time order, we arranged one-time production, and we controlled the delivery within 7 color codes, and finally the customer agreed to our solution.

Because we knew this developer's requirements were high, and we also knew that all projects would be restocked, we produced about 5,000 square feet of extra stock for backup in order to avoid problems in advance. When the customer wanted to replenish 3500 square meters in 2016, they were really surprised by our foresight and commented to us: brilliant &excellent .


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