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 Project Name: Opera House
  Project Location: Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Shopping Mall

We all know that Dubai has a well-developed retail industry, with malls everywhere, which is due to its geographical environment, so that it can produce a stunning architectural material.

This is a high-end shopping mall located in the heart of the city, which is full of famous brands. We supplied 600*1200 glazed polished tiles in two colors, one is Carrara and the other is Elegant Grey.

They are from the real stone style, and we used two processes, ink jet and skil printing, to recreate the detail, tone, and feel of the stone pattern 1:1. This is a technical innovation that comes from stone but goes beyond it.

Although stone is a gift from the universe, its atmosphere is natural and unique, but it is not wise to over-exploit it. And with the global awareness of environmental protection, marble mining has also been affected, and marble tile is very good to fill this a need. It not only retains the beauty of stone, but also has the advantages of environmental protection and low cost.


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