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 Project Name: Zayed University
  Project Location: Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: University

This is a university project in 2011, unfortunately, we did not have much experience in public projects at that time, so we provided a very small part of tiles for such a large project, which is for the floor of 3 cafeterias of the university.

Because it was a cafeteria, the builder required full body, glazed PEI level 4, as well as non-slip and easy to clean tile products. Based on the color scheme of the rendering, we provided 60*60 grey color, BASALT series.

It is designed with the concept of real BASALT, real full body, lightly molded surface, i.e. anti-slip effect and high breakage modulus.

Because both the color and performance match the needs of our client, our samples were finally approved by our client, and it is because of the cooperation with this university cafeteria that we have been working together for a long time for 8 years afterwards.

So no matter the order is big or small, it is the basic professionalism of a person to put in 100% of his own effort and professionalism.

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