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 Project Name: N2N Corporate Office
  Project Location: Bangsar South, Malaysia
Type of Project: Office Renovation
  Flooring project size: 800 SQM(Click Here)

N2N is a software supporting development enterprise providing design, consulting services, and related activities. Its main business is to provide trading platforms and analytical solutions for securities firms in the local stock market.
Their purpose is Empowering The Capital Market with Technology.
To use innovative technologies and the smartest architecture to enhance value chains, and innovate Capital Markets to break barriers and continuously set new records.
Andrew Tiang, the managing director, often said, "This is to be different."
To be different, Andrew decided to start by renovating the office to make everyone feel different. Andrew hired Jeremy from Jeremy Interiors, an interior design firm based in Kuala Lumpur.
To let Andrew and his team work in a new and different office as soon as possible, they decided to choose a different flooring material, vinyl flooring, a new material that is environmentally friendly and easy to install.
Vinyl flooring exists to make a difference. It is different from the tile and wood floor but combines their respective advantages. Vinyl flooring is fire-proof and waterproof, and it has the real touch of wood, which brings great differences and new experiences to Andrew and his team. It also makes Jeremy more confident in vinyl flooring from Cocorosa. He believes that vinyl flooring will make the whole interior design industry to be different.

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