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 Project Name: Mondrian Tower
  Project Location: Doha, Qatar
Project Type: Commercial Center

This is a project in 2016, with a commercial center on the first to fifth floors, and high-end commercial offices on the rest.

The tiles used in this project were not our existing regular style, but the builder sent us pictures to find similar ones.Because we knew the background of this project, we made an urgent sample production, and we provided the real sample to the customer on the 7th day. The customer was satisfied with our efficiency, but because we were sampling from the picture, there were differences between the picture and the actual style.

After discussion, the customer sent us 3 boxes of tiles for reference. In 2016, inkjet technology has become popular in China, which provides great technical support for our ODM production. After getting the tiles, our product development manager and product designer, after system scanning and modification and adjustment, finally restored the design within 5 days. After several trial boards, the customer confirmed our ODM samples the second week after we received them. Thus we also got the order smoothly.

From this order, we started to think how to better serve for ODM engineering, this state of thinking and exploring has continued until today, if you also need ODM engineering service, welcome to contact us.

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