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 Project Name: Sichuan Tourist resort B&B Hotel


The hotel is located in a scenic and historic area in Sichuan, and the client mainly wants to choose the SLATE in the reception hall to create a spacious and elegant space.



Because the project is within a natural scenic spot, the overall design needs to be integrated with the external environment. The customer needs to build a modern contracted style, as well as highlight the natural characteristics of space, so the design of sintered stone has a higher request.

In the same time,a good design also need good quality to be better reflected. The large space of the reception hall also needs to match the larger specifications, so the appropriate specifications should also be selected according to the desired paving effect.



The customer has a clear budget, so we need to choose the best quality and the most suitable design within that budget. According to the floor area given by the customer, we determine good 1500 * 3000 mm, 9 mm specifications. For design concept, what we choose is the Italian mix & match of large format porcelain slab, a blend of cement, sand, and a little grain of element, color is the most close to natural stone material of brown rice, because it is a large area of floor is posted.

We also consider the effect of the mold design about R10 anti-slip coefficient to meet the requirements of indoor use. The overall effect of the paste is brief, modern, warm and natural. The customer is very satisfied with it, so we decide this design right now.



Before helping customers to find suitable paving materials, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the customer's ideal design style, project type and environment. In addition to providing appropriate design, we also need to consider the actual effect and using function of the paving. Therefore, we should put forward valuable solutions with professional knowledge to help customers find the most suitable products.

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