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 Project Name: Abu Dhabi New Airport
  Project Location: Abu Dhab - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Airport Terminal

This is the new Abu Dhab Airport, located in Abu Dhab, United Arab Emirates. We are very honored to be the supplier of this project because the airport is a super large traffic entrance, and doing a good job on such a project will bring more experience and confidence to our team and our client.

We all know that the airport has a lot of traffic, it is not only a transportation hub but also a regional image project, so the first thing we will consider in the selection of materials for the project is the physical properties.

At that time the design drawing was a beige or banco type color product, we offer the following three types of products according to the designer's color scheme.
1.Super white (polished and matt)
2. Double loading banco (polished and matt)
3. Pure ivory color (polished)

After the basic performance test, the customer initially selected double loading banco, polished and matt (polished tile for most of the public area and matt tile for the bathroom), and they also asked us to provide 3 boxes of samples respectively. Then we entered a long waiting process, after three months, we provided the test report of this product as requested by the customer.

Finally, after 6 months, we got the first phase of the order, with a total area of 13,000 square meters. This was a particularly memorable moment and a sign of our ability to provide tiles that meet the needs of high-end projects.

The project was ordered in November 2014, and the bulk delivery started in December 2014, just in time for the Chinese New Year holiday slot, and most of the products were to be processed into 300*600, and some had to be slotted. In order to meet the delivery date, we had 12 workers on extended vacation, working overtime to catch up with the work, and finally completed the delivery before the Chinese New Year holiday. Our efficient and flexible style of work was also highly recognized by our customers.

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