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 Project Name: Riverland,Dubai Parks&Resorts
  Project Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd- Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Project Type: Integrated Project of High-end Cultural and Tourism Area and Residential Area

The RIVERLAND project, located in Dubai, is both a high-end private residence and a mixed-use commercial complex for tourism and culture. This project not only requires physical properties such as slip resistance and abrasion resistance, but also very strict requirements for delivery timelines.

Project requirements glaze PEI4 level, this is also a relatively mature requirement to do the project anti-slip requirements to meet the German standard R11 or the Australian standard P4, now we introduce the basic testing principle of this anti-slip standard. The first is the German standard tilt platform oil method DIN 51130, the second is the Australian standard AS 4586.

The first: the German standard tilting platform oil method DIN 51130
Under the condition of smearing oil or moisture, the inspector walks upright on the surface of the sample wearing the standard gentle, and the inspection platform is tilted at a speed of 1 degree per second until the inspector appears to slip, the tilting angle between the inspection platform and the horizontal surface is recorded to determine the dynamic critical friction angle of the matt brick under test, so as to calculate the coefficient of dynamic friction. The general data results in R9,R10.

The second: Australian Standard AS 4586
It works under wet conditions, using a pendulum pound to simulate the process of human feet walking on the tile surface, by recording the rubber block and the tile surface instantaneous slip force and calculate the coefficient of friction, the general result is P3,P4.

The project was ordered in November 2014, and the bulk delivery started in December 2014, just in time for the Chinese New Year holiday slot, and most of the products were to be processed into 300*600, and some had to be slotted. In order to meet the delivery date, we had 12 workers on extended vacation, working overtime to catch up with the work, and finally completed the delivery before the Chinese New Year holiday. Our efficient and flexible style of work was also highly recognized by our customers.

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