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Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone

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The times are progressing, and people's pursuit of beauty has never stopped. Since its launch, home sintered stone has been warmly pursued by people. It not only has good texture and superior performance, but also makes the home more high-end, atmospheric and fashionable, which just meets people's pursuit of the beauty of artistic, elegant and exquisite space.

But do you really know about home sintered stone?Today we are going to be taking a comprehensive look at it.


1. What is sintered stone?

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone

Sintered stone is a super large new porcelain material made of natural raw materials through special process, pressed with a press of more than 10000 tons (more than 15000 tons), combined with advanced production technology and fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 ℃, which can withstand the processing processes of cutting, drilling, grinding and so on.


 What is Sintered Stone?


2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of home sintered stone?


Safety and health: it can be in direct contact with food. It is made of pure natural material. It is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and radiation-free. At the same time, it also fully meets the needs of human sustainable development, health and environmental protection.


Fire resistance and high temperature resistance: with A1 grade fire resistance , home sintered stone will not deform in direct contact with high-temperature objects. It will not produce any physical changes (shrinkage, rupture, discoloration) or emit any gas or smell when encountering an open fire of 2000 ℃.


Pollution resistance: there is no gap on the surface of the home sintered stone. With the water absorption less than 0.05%, water is not easy to penetrate.It can keep the dry surface all the time and is not easy to be polluted.


Scratch resistance: its Mohs hardness is grade 6-7, which can resist scratching and trying to scratch. (The higher the Mohs hardness, the less likely it is to leave scratches on the surface.The hardness of marble is between 2.5-5 and that of quartz is between 5-6.)


Corrosion resistance: resistant to various chemicals, including solutions, disinfectants, etc.


Easy to clean: it can be cleaned only by wiping with a wet towel. There is no special maintenance demand. The cleaning is simple and fast.


Universal application: cross the border from decorative materials to applied materials, making more diversified and extensive design, processing and application, and meeting the application needs of high standards.


Flexible customization: the texture of the home sintered stone is rich and diverse, which can be customized according to the needs of users, without limiting the location and space.


If you have a custom need for home sintered stone, WIFi Ceramics is the best option for you! We commit to offer both superior quality and good service.

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Potential safety hazards:because the home sintered stone has toughness, its deep-processing products are too brittle, fragile, easy to produce cutting cracks, leading to potential safety hazards.


Fine cutting difficulty:the home sintered stone material is hard, and the fine cutting is difficult, which has certain requirements for the construction technique.


Expensive installation price:due to the special material, high process requirements and high home sintered stone price, the installation cost is generally high.


High requirements for transportation:the home sintered stone slab laying is generally a large-area construction, so the protection requirements for the home sintered stone are high and the transportation requirements are also relatively high.


Lack of complete system of deep processing:there are not many sintered stone enterprises with independent deep processing centers.With uneven terminal processing and excessive looseness, it is difficult to ensure the high matching of home sintered stone capacity, quality, price and service.


Here at WIFi Ceramics,what you can get is not only high-quality home sintered stone but one-stop solutions! You don’t need to worry about anything anymore. We can take care of it all for you!


3. Where is home sintered stone usually used for furnishing?

Sintered stone can be applied according to its thickness in many home decoration scenarios, at present they are the followings:


Kitchen countertops:  now many kitchen countertops use sintered stone, which are very high in both appearance and texture. There is no need to worry about color seepage like quartz countertops.

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Cabinet door panel: Cabinet door panel made of sintered stone can be moisture-proof and anti deformation, antibacterial and easy to clean.


Wall paving: the sintered stone slab can be installed on the wall,with light belt,it looks more high-grade and beautiful.


Dining table: compared with the solid wooden dining table, the sintered stone dining table is not only easier to clean, not easy to deform, but also has more texture.


Tea tablewhether it is the whole face or splicing style, it is very versatile with modern, light luxury, minimalist and other styles.

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To explore more sintered stone home applications, please download our newst product catalog.


4. What are the usual specifications and thicknesses of home sintered stone and how to choose?

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone2

At present,the usual specifications of home sintered stone are: 600*1200mm、800*1400mm、800*2000mm、800*2400mm、800*2600mm、900*1800mm、1000*3000mm、1200*2400mm、1200*2700mm、1600*2700、1600*3200mm.

The usual thicknesses are :3mm、6mm、12mm、20mm.


As a new material, sintered stone is widely used in many home furnishing fields. Different thicknesses are selected for different requirements, and there is no saying that in terms of quality , thick is better than thin.


Here are suggestions for home sintered stone thickness in different furnishing fields:

6mm and 9mm sintered stone are suitable for TV background wall and hall wall.

3mm sintered stone is suitable for the decorative surface of furniture, such as cabinet surface,etc.

More than 12mm sintered stone is suitable for kitchen countertop, tea table, TV cabinet, dining table, bathroom cabinet countertop and bathroom basin, etc.

•If the countertop needs to bear large weight independently, it is better to be more than 15mm.


Here at WIFi Ceramics,we provide the following specifications and thicknesses of home sintered stone:

























5. How to distinguish the authenticity of home sintered stone?

Smell: the real sintered stone has no irritating chemical smell.


Touch: the touch of the bright sintered stone is smooth without particle feeling; the matte sintered stone has fine touch and no sense of frustration.


Knock: knock the sintered stone with a key, and the sound is clear and crisp.


Scratch: the Mohs hardness of sintered stone is grade 6-7. Scratch with sharp devices, there will be no trace on the surface.


Burning: burn the small sample of sintered stone in the fire. The sintered stone will not burn, burst and have no smell.


Check: check whether there are quality inspection reports, environmental protection documents, etc.


If you want a reliable sintered stone supplier as your partner, WIFi Ceramics is the best option for you. The sintered stones we provide are all real materials


6. What should you pay attention to when buying home sintered stone?

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone3

•Choose a good home sintered stone brand

Because sintered stone brands only produce the stone itself and deliver large quantities to downstream processing businesses, and do not make finished home sintered stone products ,thus we actually need to pay more attention to what brand of home sintered stone the businesses use.

•Recognize the differences between sintered stone and ceramic plate

In fact, many so-called "sintered stone" are actually ceramic plates,which are completely inferior to the strength of sintered stone.

Before purchasing, we should pay attention to the difference between sintered stone and ceramic plate. After understanding it clearly, we can consult the supplier when purchasing.


Sintered stone

Ceramic plate


Clay+Stone powder


Press tonnage

More than 10000 tons

More than 1000 tons


High temperature resistance 1200 ℃, high density,no odor,no deformation

High temperature resistance 700 ℃, low density,easily deformed and fragile

Single chip price

More than 1800RMB


As a buyer, we must polish our eyes to buy a real home sintered stone. Don't spend the price of home sintered stone to buy a low-end ceramic plate!


•Pay attention to the equipment and technology of home sintered stone processing

There are three factors that determine the quality of the final product of home sintered stone - good mechanical equipment, long-term processing development and the formula of inkjet printing.


Like some sintered stone head brands, they all use SYSTEM's equipment system. The two production equipment of SYSTEM, high tonnage dieless press and multi-channel digital inkjet machine, are the first choice for high-end players to establish sintered stone production line.


Due to the expensive price of the equipment system, the price of home sintered stone remains high, so cheap home sintered stone is not necessarily true!


•Pay attention to the transportation of home sintered stone

If the home sintered stone are purchased from other places and transported for a long distance, there is a risk of damage. And who is responsible for the damage on the way?


At present, most logistics companies generally do not bear the risk of damage to vulnerable items, only including loss but not damage. Even if some logistics companies promise to package damage, the actual situation will only compensate a small part of the cost, so choosing a good logistics company also has a certain guarantee.


7. What are the usual causes of home sintered stone damage and how to solve it?

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone4

Quality damage of the product itself : although the home sintered stone is a fragile product with high hardness, it does not mean that the home sintered stone is easy to be damaged. Generally good home sintered stone is difficult to be damaged even if it is impacted by some external forces.


Some inferior home sintered stones, even after installation or paving, are not affected by external forces, and there are natural cracks. Therefore, when buying sintered stone, it is best to find suppliers with quality assurance. Good home sintered stone will not crack, deform and corrode for 30 years.


Maybe you are wondering where to buy high-quality home sintered stone? Take it easy. WIFi Ceramics can give you a hand! We have a professional team with many years of experience and have won the recognition of many clients.


Transportation damage problems: if the home sintered stone is transported for a long distance, protective measures must be taken. After all, the price of home sintered stone is relatively high.


When shipping and transporting home sintered stones, first, professionals should pack them in wooden cases and mark fragile objects on the wooden cases to avoid damage during handling; Second, select reliable logistics to ensure easy compensation for package loss!


Installation damage problems: during the installation of home sintered stone, it must be handled, paved, perforated and cut. First of all, proper handling is very important. It is best to use a plate lifter when handling from the wooden frame to the installation site.


During the whole process of handling, it must be ensured to avoid collision when turning or entering and leaving the elevator car. It must be gentle when releasing the home sintered stone.


Additionally, the foam pad or 2cm foam above the ground should be placed. During the installation, drilling must grasp the appropriate specific methods.Of course, this is not a problem for masters who have installed home sintered stone.


Processing damage problems: at present, the lack of processing experience and equipment of many processing factories will affect the damage of home sintered stone processing.


Therefore, when processing, we must find a processing factory with processing experience. If conditions permit, we can go to the processing factory for investigation.


Of course, the quality of home sintered stone also greatly affects the damage of processing, thus it is also very important to select high-quality home sintered stone materials.

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8. What glue is used for home sintered stone bonding? What determines the quality of the glue?

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone5

The bonding requirements of home sintered stone glue are very high. The unstable quality of glue is easy to lead to the failure of the whole home sintered stone finished product. What glue is used for home sintered stone bonding? What factors determine the quality of home sintered stone glue?


Acrylic glue or special glue for home sintered stone shall be used for bonding, because they are seamless, high-strength bonding, high and low temperature resistance, and there is no need to worry about falling off.


Before home sintered stone bonding, the bonding place needs to be cleaned. Dust, stains and unevenness will affect the bonding effect. If it is uneven and needs to be polished, the bonding area should be increased, so as to better bonding.


Here are three factors determining the quality of home sintered stone glue:

Raw materials: safe and guaranteed glue raw materials will have good results in stability and safety.

Bonding strength: if the strength is not enough, the bonding is easy to fall off and crack. Over time, the adverse effect is obvious.

Color stability: yellowing and blackening are caused by insufficient color stability of glue.


9. How’s the situation of sintered stone in China?

•Numbers of sintered stone production lines in China in 2020

As a new type of household material, the sintered stone has been praised as "Ferrari in design", "Guinness in decoration" and "Wolverine in building materials" since it was launched at the Inter Milan Furniture Exhibition in 2016.


It can be seen that the sintered stone has been highly praised once it is launched. At the same time, as a common decorative green environmental protection material in the whole decoration field, although it has been widely used in the world home market, it was like an emerging thing in the Chinese market at that time.


In 2018, there were only 7 main sintered stone production lines in China. The industrial chain of sintered stone production and the whole market were not complete and mature, and few enterprises promoted sintered stone products in the industry, so the overall recognition of sintered stone was not very high.


In 2020, some Chinese ceramic enterprises publicized the concept of "Pan Home", which greatly promoted the application of sintered stone in the whole home decoration industry, and developed many modern and simple black technology products according to the characteristics of sintered stone.


Subsequently, a large number of manufacturers began to follow up. In 2020, China's sintered stone production lines expanded rapidly, and the number of production lines increased from 16 in March to 108 at the end of December. Within one year, China has become the country with the largest sintered stone production capacity in the world, and the whole field of building ceramics has set off a sintered stone boom.


The following chart describes the growth of the number of sintered stone production lines in China in 2020:

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone6

Data from Ceramics China

•Distribution of sintered stone production lines in China in 2020

At present, the main production lines of sintered stone in China are mainly in Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Guangdong accounts for 63% of the total.By the end of 2020, there were 68 domestic large sintered stone production lines with 1200x2400 (mm) or above.


Since 2020, the search heat and trading index of sintered stone products have shown a continuous growth trend, and sintered stone dining tables, sintered stone bathroom cabinets, sintered stone coffee tables, sintered stone background walls and other categories have achieved more than twice the growth.


According to statistics, by the end of 2020, the transaction amount of sintered stone table in recent 30 days was more than 54 million rmb , ranking first in the sales list of sintered stone related products. In 2020, China's sintered stone production capacity has expanded to about 50% of the world.


Has it done in China if you have a big quantity need for sintered stone. And don't forget your sincere partner -WIFi Ceramics, you can get the best products and services here.


The following chart describes the distribution of sintered stone production lines in China in 2020:

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone7

 Data from Ceramics China

•Difficulties that  sintered stone in China are facing

Lack of national standard for sintered stone:at present,the standards of sintered stone production enterprises are different, the parameters are in a chaotic state, and the quality is mixed. Even in the process of cooperation with the home industry chain, some sintered stone brands frequently broke out quality problems due to poor production technology, and suffered complaints continuously, which seriously affected the industry reputation and overdrawn the industry credit in advance.


Excessive production speed:the speed of sintered stone production far exceeds the speed of processing, home design and consumer demand, resulting in warehouse explosion, surplus and saturation, falling into price war and vicious competition, and the market is in chaos.


Brand problem:the quality and brand height of sintered stone do not completely depend on which equipment is produced or which enterprise is produced. It is more reflected in the processing details, that is, the final product. The end products of sintered stone need to have stronger brand attribution and brand value.

Here at WIFi Ceramics,we are confident to provide you with exquisite sintered stone products.

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone8

Immature deep processing application-end technology:at present, the production technology of sintered stone is in a period of development. Many enterprises are in the production and manufacturing end, and the industrial chain is not complete.


From the long-term development of sintered stone, deep processing is the core of the extension of the industrial chain. Whether it is making stone plates or the whole sintered stone home, it is inseparable from the deep processing industrial chain. Only by solving the technical standards at the application end can the standardization of the sintered stone industry be realized.


Incomplete channel chain construction: different from the ceramic distributor channel, the channel businesses of sintered stone are mainly concentrated on real estate enterprises and customized household enterprises. These channels have high-efficiency delivery requirements for sintered stone manufacturers.


The efficient delivery is based on the efficient deep processing capability. At present, deep processing and channel construction are in the initial stage, and can not keep up with the production speed of sintered stone, so it is inevitable that products will be overstocked in a short time.


Incomplete industry production division:in the future, with the development of sintered stone industry chain,sintered stone enterprises will have market segmentation in various fields.The specialization is stronger and stronger, the production efficiency is higher and higher, and the production cost is lower and lower, which is in line with the law of division of social production.


• Manufacturing problems:for example, the processing is rough and the cutting is difficult. The sintered stone is harder than natural and man-made stones, the cutting chamfer and edge grinding are difficult, and its geometric appearance is difficult to form a smooth and beautiful curve.


Therefore, at present, the cutting and splicing is too single to fully meet the application of furniture.The solution of these problems depends on the progress of ceramic material modification technology and the improvement of processing equipment.

WIFi Ceramics is striving to improve its processing technology in order to provide the best products for its customers.

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone9

Recognition to be improved : sintered stone is an epoch-making new product in the ceramic industry. It has the advantages that wood, stone and glass do not have. It is a rare good material and can be processed into various products..... But this is the cognition of people in the industry, not the cognition of consumers.


What’s more, sintered stone is also expensive, so it is difficult for ordinary people to apply it in a large area in the field of home furnishing and home decoration.


After-sale problems:there are some difficulties in transportation, handling, installation and paving. For sintered stone with an area of more than three square meters, forklifts are required for handling.


If it is an ordinary residence, it cannot be transported into the house by elevator, and only crane can be used. During paving, the thin method must be used for construction, and professional workers are required for construction.

Here at WIFi Ceramics, we have experts with the expertise to offer you considerate after -sale services, so contact us now!


•The future of sintered stone in China

As a new type of home furnishing material,sintered stone can replace glass, stone, ceramic tile and wood and can be used in house customization. It has broad application prospects and epoch-making significance.


At present, China's sintered stone market has only exposed the tip of the iceberg and is still in the early stage of dividend. There may be 100 billion market space in the future.


Below are the areas that  sintered stone can enter in the future in China.

Stone:affected by resource constraints and green mines in the future, the output of natural stone will be gradually reduced in the future, and the characteristics of stone itself also have certain limitations. Some fields are no longer suitable for stone decoration.Sintered stone will replace part of the stone market in the future.


Building curtain wall:traditional stone, ceramic tile and glass are difficult to meet the strict requirements of high-rise building curtain wall because of their own safety, stability and light pollution. The installation method of sintered stone is stable and safe, and there is no light pollution.


Wall and floor of building: the size of sintered stone is large, when used for decorative wall and floor, there will be smaller blocks and fewer joints. In addition, the sintered stone has high hardness, is not afraid of pollution and is easy to clean, making the sintered stone more suitable for floor installation; And the sintered stone is light, which is suitable for TV background wall or hotel lobby background wall.

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Ceramic tile decoration: the performance, construction efficiency and decoration effect of sintered stone are better than those of ceramic tile.


Table panel: the sintered stone has the characteristics of anti fouling, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance. In addition, the antibacterial food grade surface is very suitable for all kinds of table panels. In addition, a variety of textures, colors and touch create a broader space for interior design and high-end customization.


Door panel: sintered stone has excellent fire resistance. It is used for fire doors of buildings, which can resist the spread of flame and is more safe.


Furniture: the thickness of sintered stone can be 6mm or even thinner. Because of its light weight, it can be directly pasted on the wood veneer, which is very convenient for construction. The application of sintered stone in furniture can make TV cabinet, table, wardrobe,cupboard,bar counter and other products.


Are you in the market for sintered stone table? These are some products from WIFi Ceramics! Click to learn more about sintered stone table.

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone10

Below is the development trend of sintered stone in China.

•Home sintered stone is the trend product in the future home market.

In the current home decoration, the common materials are ceramics, metal, wood, natural stone, artificial stone, artificial board, cloth, plastic, leather, coating, etc.


Among the above decoration materials,home sintered stone, as a non-metallic inorganic material, undoubtedly has great material performance advantages and has become a new trend in the field of home decoration. It can be predicted that in the China's future home market, the market share of home sintered stone will be larger and larger.


•Sintered stone will cross the border for a new market space.

At present, China's ceramics market is extremely saturated, with overcapacity and fierce competition. In the field of traditional ceramics, no matter what kind of innovation and new products are launched, it is difficult to make a big breakthrough.


However, large-scale sintered stone can make use of the excellent performance and technical advantages of ceramic products to carry out cross-border innovation and compete with natural stone, marble, artificial stone and artificial plate. As the sintered stone products are green, healthy and environmentally friendly, and constantly make new breakthroughs in specifications, they have great competitive advantages.


•Home sintered stone follows with the market trend of whole-house customization.

At present, the whole-house customization is becoming more and more popular, which can highlight the theme and unified style, and create a modern, simple and light luxury home space.


Some sintered stone brands make use of the product advantages of home sintered stone to make it possible to customize the whole house, and make home sintered stone become another ceramic product after floor tiles and wall tiles in home decoration, so as to provide consumers with more modern aesthetics and simple and practical home space.

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone11

Why look further when WIFi Ceramics can be your one-stop solution,reach out to us and we’ll set you up for whole-house sintered stone customization success !


•Consumption upgrading makes sintered stone more competitive.

In traditional home decoration, many materials are neither environmentally friendly nor durable. For example, man-made plates emit harmful substances for a long time. They have defects such as short service life, easy cracking, peeling and fear of blisters. They are more likely to be attacked by termites.


Another example is artificial stone, which also has defects such as discoloration, mildew and odor over time; Although natural stone has excellent performance, its radioactivity will exceed the standard accidentally, and its specification is limited and its price is high.


Comprehensive comparison shows that sintered stone products are green, healthy and environmental protection, which is the inevitable choice and strong competitor for the upgrading of home decoration consumption.


•Sintered stone products will become more and more diverse.

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone12

Sintered stone materials have strong plasticity, and there is still much room for exploration in many directions such as material gloss and color diversification.


At present in China, some enterprises have begun to try to develop niche markets such as full-color sintered stone. Although the sintered stone market will usher in a tuyere in the next few years, how to form a unique differentiation advantage in sintered stone products is a problem that all enterprises must face.


•There will be a price war in the sintered stone market.

With the outbreak of China's sintered stone market and the entry of a large number of enterprises, there have been signs of price war.


The result of the blind expansion of the production line will only overdraw the development space of the sintered stone market. As more large sintered stone lines are put into operation in China, they will seize the market at similar or lower prices and continuously compress the living space of small enterprises.


•New product launch:20mm thickness through-body sintered stone , 3mm digital molded sintered stone.

After several years of development and precipitation, with the further segmentation of market demand and technological advancement, China's sintered stone manufacturers in 2022 are proud to introduce 20mm thickness through-body sintered stone and 3mm digital molded sintered stone.


The 20mm thickness through-body sintered stone utilizes a high-precision fabric system imported from Italy to give the surface and blank a consistent pattern and a uniform appearance. The 20mm sintered stone will be more suitable for kitchen countertops or bathroom cabinet countertops or table tops, and it is better to do BULLNOSE directly. The texture and seniority of the through-body sintered stone are much more obvious. If you want to use it for external wall dry hanging, 20mm sintered stone slab is also an excellent choice.


The 3mm digital molded sintered stone, which are mainly matte, have cloth pattern, stone pattern and metal pattern categories. It relies on advanced digital technology, making the surface of the product have a super texture sense. It is an environmentally friendly and artistic choice for wall decorations, furniture finishes, and home appliance finishes.

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10. How’s the situation of sintered stone in the world?

The origin of sintered stoneis in Europe. Spain and Italy were two big countries in global sintered stone production in the past, and their product added value was generally high. India and Turkey are the second countries to wholesale sintered stone production capacity.


In recent years, sintered stone production capacity has developed rapidly. From 2018 to 2019, some sintered stone in China were mainly imported from India. In 2020, with the outbreak of China's sintered stone market, the export price of India's large board also fell from more than $30 at the beginning to $10 at present.


According to statistics, up to now, the world has built 1200x2400 (mm) and above specifications of sintered stone production lines mainly have: ChinaItalyIndiaSpain.There are 68, 30, 19 and 13 sintered stone large-scale production lines in various countries respectively.


The following chart describes the world’s distribution of large-scale sintered stone production lines in 2020:

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone13

 Data from Ceramics China

These data can also be verified from the data of ceramic machinery equipment giants. SYSTEM is the inventor of sintered stone. According to his introduction, 72 presses have been sold all over the world since 2005. The specific distribution is as follows:


Quantity of sold press


25 sets


13 sets


12 sets


7 sets


4 sets


11 sets

(Germany,Argentina,Brazil )

 Data from Ceramics China

From the distribution of sintered stone capacity, China, Italy, Spain and India have experienced different stages:


Since 2001, the sintered stone production lines in Italy and Spain had been growing steadily and gradually. Before 2020, they were the production areas with the largest sintered stone production capacity. Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the ceramic enterprises in Italy and Spain have entered into the adjustment stage, and it is difficult to have new production lines.


India's sintered stone production lines were mainly put into operation from 2017 to 2018, and 17 large-scale sintered stone production lines were added in these two years. By 2020, India had only added two large-scale sintered stone production lines.


China entered the initial development stage in 2017 and 2018, and began to surge in 2020. In the first quarter of 2020, its production capacity surpassed that of Europe and became the country with the largest sintered stone production capacity in the world. At present, China's large-scale sintered stone production lines (68) have exceeded the sum of the other three main sintered stone production areas, Italy, Spain and India (62).


Click to learn about bending stone:

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Choose Bending Stone in 2022



Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone14

With the scarcity of natural resources, the future building materials market is bound to pay more attention to the competition in value such as quality, environmental protection and science and technology. For the stone industry, it should strive to develop the assembly line production and environmental protection production of stone products, and endow the products with better physical properties and antibacterial ability through technical exploration, so as to truly adapt to the market and meet the consumption demand of the future market.


However,the inherent superior performance of home sintered stone meets the development requirements of the times and the consumer's pursuit of personality and high-quality life concept, which has a great competitive advantage in the future building materials market.


Looking for a sincere supplier?

Here at WIFi Ceramics , we offer only quality, stylish home sintered stone which are made to enhance any space beautifully without compromising on style, comfort or durability - all at an amazing price!

Everything You Want to Know about Home Sintered Stone16

As a professional tile supplier in China, we have also been continuously deepening our sintered stone technology, such as heat bending technology, self- heating technology and steelization technology.

In addition to the continuous upgrade in technology, the packaging and shipping of our sintered stone products are also being further upgraded. For example, for 1.6*3.2m sintered stone slab, we adopt the same packaging method as stone, using H-frame, to achieve better packaging efficiency. This is  a super advantage in terms of shipping cost.So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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