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Bending Marble∣With A Unique Style

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With the continuous development of building materials, many new materials also appear in the interior decoration, and the interior materials are most used in stone. Traditional stone, marble and granite are no stranger to it. As the traditional stone products, both with their own advantages have been grasping most of the share of the stone decoration market.

I believe that marble can be seen in the decoration of most homes, but bending marble may not be.Do you know about bending marble? Have you ever considered using it to decorate your home or office? Keep reading and you should be interested in bending marble.


About Marble

Natural marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the original rocks in the earth's crust through the high temperature and pressure action within the crust. It is a medium-hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. Its main component is mainly calcium carbonate, accounting for about 50% or more. Other components include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, etc.

Natural marble is dense but not very hard, easy to process, carve and grind, polish, etc. Marble is polished and fine, with natural and smooth texture and high decorative properties. Marble has small water absorption rate and high durability, which can be used for 40-100 years.

Natural marble has fine and solid organization, with texture more stretch and beautiful than granite. It has high compressive strengthlow water absorption rate, wear-resistance and non-deformation and other qualities.


About Bending Marble

People have the impression that stone is always strong and unbendable. But this is not the case, in fact, many stone can do bending.

So how does the marble bend?

When marble is separated after using nano technology, the marble itself has certain bending property at a relatively low thickness. At the same time, the separated marble is mostly fixed with soft glass fiber and glass fiber polyester, which further ensure the stability of the marble when bending.

The secret to making bending marble is the need for precision - cut it too thin and the material will break; cut it too thick and it won't bend.

Bending marble is a popular choice for curved walls, column cladding, countertop, bar, spiral tables, curved magazine racks, benches, and even an oval bathtub . It is also usually used in art and sculpture.

By the way, get to know bending sintered stone and bending stone, see which one suits you better.


Why Bending Marble?

Marble is natural stone, after becoming bent it can save a lot of stone and be more environmentally friendly, the utilization rate than the original increased by more than 10 times.

The construction of bending marble is also very convenient. After the woodworking board is done, the bending marble with nail-free adhesive paste up, that is,for the traditional stone work, one or two carpenters can easily handle.

The whole bending marble can be bent at 90 degrees just like a plastic sheet. The excellent performance of this bending is very advantageous in terms of cost and ease of construction.

For example, processing a dry hanging stone column , the cost is huge, and the processing cycle is long and the installation is more complex.After the steel frame is done,in fact, the seam of the dry hanging stone column is difficult to level.

However, bending marble only needs to be directly glued on after the woodworking board is reinforced on the stone column, which is much more efficient.

Some light and thin bending marble can be applied to cabinet finishes and home coverings just like wood finishes. In interior decoration, large width and height of stone applications, as well as the ceiling, a forbidden area for stone, light and thin bending marble can also be easily applied.

The bending marble not only looks more comfortable in the decoration of curved structures but also can break the original modeling system of traditional marble stone, presenting a different effect.


Tips for Selecting High Quality Bending Marble

See: generally for high quality bending marble, its surface color is relatively pure, and the back of the panel will not appear tiny pores.

Smell: poor quality bending marble will have a very obvious pungent chemical smell, while the high quality will not.

Touch: the surface of high quality bending marble will have a very obvious silk feeling, and the surface is very flat, while the poor quality will not.

Scratch: I believe many people have tried this method, and it is indeed a more effective one. High quality bending marble, scratching with nails, will not appear obvious scratches.

Drop ink: put a small drop of ink on the back of the bending marble, if the ink quickly scattered around to leach, that indicates that the stone internal particles loose or the existence of gaps, the stone quality is not good; if the ink drops in place, the stone texture is good.

Check the certification: when buying a product, first check whether it has ISO quality system certification, quality inspection reports, etc. This can prevent yourself from being cheated in the first step.



There are many reasons why we might want to recommend bending marble. One of the most important reasons is that it can add a lot of visual interest to your project. Curving or twisting marble can create an eye-catching effect that can really elevate your decoration. Additionally, bending marble is a great way to show off its natural beauty and unique texture. Plus, bending marble can be used in a variety of ways, from countertops to backsplashes and accent pieces.

When done correctly, it can be a stunning addition to any project. So if you’re looking for a way to make your decoration stand out, consider bending marble. You won’t be disappointed.

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