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4 Stereotypes About Sintered Stone That Are Not True

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Sintered stone has entered the ceramic industry as an up-and-coming stone slab. Meanwhile, it is becoming more and more popular, which is a testament to its outstanding performance. But many people know little about the sintered stone since it's a new type of decoration material. It is no wonder that some false stereotypes have been spread. Have you heard of them?

1. The sintered stone slab is equal to the porcelain tile in large format.

Absolutely not! That's quite misleading information about it. Althought the sintered stone is also known as porcelain slab, they are very different in the following ways.

First of all, the difference is in the definition. Porcelain tile features a less porous structure with about 0.5% water absorption. In contrast, the sintered stone with a non-porous structure has only 0.02% for being impenetrable.


The second distinction lies in size. Ordinary sintered stone slabs are much larger than the largest porcelain tiles. In general, the normal size of the sintered stone is 3200*1600mm. But 24*24 inches (about 600*600mm) tile is the biggest one you can find on the residential consumer market.  

What's more, the sintered stone has a much higher production standard. After an extremely high-temperature treatment (over 1,200℃), it achieves a fire rating of Class A. Moreover, it won't physically change and release any smell in contact with fire, making it available for cooking. However, porcelain tiles fail to do all these things.


It is worth noting that the current market status of sintered stone has led to price confusion. Some businesses sell large format tiles as sintered stone slabs to pursue higher profits. Here we recommend a trustful sintered stone supplier - WIFi Ceramics, who only offers high-quality and affordable sintered stone products.


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2. The sintered stone is ultra-thin and easily broken.

Ultra-thin is the strength of sintered stone rather than the weakness. As mentioned above, the sintered stone production process makes it harder and denser. And it can reach 6-7 on the Mohs scale (the Mohs scale of stainless steel is about 5.5). As a result, the sintered stone slab can effectively resist abrasions, scratches, and impacts.


3. The sintered stone is hard to install for its large size.

It might be true if the sintered stone is both heavy and large. In fact, many installers prefer to install the sintered stone. The reason is that it is much lighter to lift and load than stone panels. After all, lightweight with large formats is a major advantage in terms of installation, which is suitable for wall cladding. Imagine if one sintered stone slab can cover an entire wall of a kitchen. Wouldn't this be an ideal way to speed up the installation?



4. The sintered stone is not suitable for outdoor use.

Unlike marble, quartz, and wood tiles, which are not recommended for outdoor use. Sintered stone offers a new outdoor design selection. It can maintain a uniform interior and exterior design style, which is the new trend in home decoration. Sintered stone has high UV resistance, heat insulation, and anti-frost ability. These characteristics do give a big hand to protect the external wall and optimize the internal environment. Besides, it will not fade even after prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain.




With the current market trend, the sintered stone is on a rapid rise. It's becoming more and more popular with consumers, designers, and custom furniture manufacturers. Only with a full and correct understanding of sintered stones can they function correctly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at We are always happy to help you!

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