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Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications

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If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain flooring option, sintered stone flooring may be the perfect choice for you and your family.


Sintered stone flooring is a relatively new type of flooring that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a great choice for a variety of applications, both residential and commercial.

Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications1

Here is a quick introduction of the benefits of sintered stone flooring:

•Natural Beauty - Many homeowners choose a natural look when designing their homes, and sintered stone floor offers the same natural beauty as traditional stone flooring. However, because it is made from 100% natural materials, it doesn't have the same environmental impact.

•Ease of Maintenance - Sintered stone is a non-porous material, so it doesn't absorb liquids or dirt. This makes it easy to clean and maintain; all you need is a damp cloth and some mild detergent.

•Durability - Sintered stone is highly durable and resistant to most household chemicals. It is also very resistant to damage from water, which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

•Lifetime Warranty - Most sintered stone flooring comes with a lifetime warranty for residential use. Since the material is non-porous and free of all impurities, it doesn't wear out like traditional stone floors.

•Sizes and Colors - Sintered stone is available in a wide array of colors and styles to suit any home. It is also available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your space.



After reading about the advantages of sintered stone flooring,maybe you are more determined to choose this flooring type for your home application.In the following,we will introduce you 4 home applications of sintered stone flooring,including living roombedroomkitchen and bathroom.


#1. Sintered stone flooring for living room

Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications

Sintered stone flooring is perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic like the living room.

One reason is that sintered stone flooring is very durable. It is also scratch and stain resistant so you don't have to worry about your kids or pets making a mess on it. Sintered stone flooring is also very easy to clean and does not require much maintenance. All you need to do is sweep or mop it regularly to keep it looking new.


Another reason why sintered stone flooring is popular in the living room is because of its style and design value. Sintered stone flooring comes in many different colors and patterns, and is perfect for those who like more luxurious and elegant decor.Sintered stone flooring can also be custom-made to suit your particular floor plan, including the size of the room and its overall design theme.


Additionally,sintered stone is a natural material that perfectly reflects all the changes of temperature and humidity of air in your home. This makes sintered stone flooring especially comfortable for living room where the most comings and goings of people take place.

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#2. Sintered stone flooring for bedroom

Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications3

One of the most important and expensive investments that you will make for your bedroom is the floor covering. The bedroom occupies a very special part in our home and still has more reason to be given great attention on its decoration.


Sintered stone flooring is a popular choice for bedroom flooring. It is durable, looks great and can add a touch of luxury and offer an overall relief to your bedroom.


One concern with bedroom flooring is noise - some tile finishes may sound a little hollow when walked on, which can be a problem if the bedroom is above a living room or another space where noise can carry. However sintered stone flooring is generally more resistant to noise than other types of tile.


Another reason why it’s a good choice for bedrooms because it is quiet and comfortable to walk on. It also does not show footprints or dirt, making it easy to keep clean.It does not require any maintenance work. It is much easier for bedroom sintered stone flooring to be cleaned than carpet. All you have to do is wiping it with a wet towel.


Besides,sintered stone flooring for bedroom is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the best style that matches your existing bedroom furniture .


#3. Sintered stone flooring for kitchen

Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications4

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home. It's where our food gets cooked and family get-togethers take place.


The kitchen has to be functional, but it doesn't mean that it has to be bland and boring. One way you can add some extra character while maintaining kitchen functionality is by installing sintered stone flooring.


Sintered stone flooring for kitchen may seem like an odd choice at first, but it actually provides a number of benefits over traditional kitchen flooring choices.


First,if you're looking for a kitchen floor that will give your kitchen a modern edge, however, sintered stone flooring is a great choice. Sintered stone kitchen floors come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that perfectly complements your kitchen design.


Second,some kitchen tiles can be very slippery when wet or if they get dirty, which makes it difficult to clean them. This is why kitchen sintered stone flooring can be a great tile replacement.Sintered stone kitchen flooring is non-slip, so you don't have to worry about slipping and injuring yourself while cooking or cleaning your kitchen floor. In addition, sintered stone kitchen floors are very easy to clean - all you need is a damp cloth and some mild detergent.


Third,since sintered stone kitchen floors are made from natural resources,thus it is eco-friendly.It does not emit any harmful gasses or radon into your kitchen,which can help improve kitchen air quality.This is particularly important for kitchen flooring as many kitchens don't have a window or an air vent.

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#4. Sintered stone flooring for bathroom

Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications5

As we all know that tiles are popular choice because they are stylish and functional, but one drawback of using ceramic or natural stone tiles is that they can become slippery when wet. This makes them unsuitable in areas such as bathrooms. Sintered stone flooring, on the other hand, is perfect for bathroom because it is non-slip. So if you are looking for a stylish flooring option that will not make your bathroom floor slippery when wet, sintered stone flooring may be exactly what you need.


Plus,sintered stone flooring makes a better bathroom floor because it is more durable. Sintered stone flooring does not have grout joints that can trap dirt or mold, and it is less likely to be scratched or stained than tiles. Sintered stone is also a good bathroom flooring option for those who have allergies because it does not harbor dust mites.


The bathroom offers many challenges for flooring. It gets wet most of the time, is often covered with splashes or spills, has bathroom fixtures that attract dirt or stain, and has bathroom chemicals that can harm the flooring. Sintered stone is non-porous and resists moisture creating a bathroom flooring that is easy to clean.It doesn't require much maintenance, but you should clean it regularly with a mild soap and water solution to remove excess dirt. If the floor becomes stained or dirty, it's recommended to use a commercial bathroom cleaning product.


More notably,despite its frequent contact with water,it will also not warp or discolor over time.


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Or you may also be interested in Flooring Wood Look Tile. With their authentic wood appearance, you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer look with easier maintenance and greater durability that will last for years before needing an upgrade.



Sintered Stone Flooring - 4 Home Applications6

If you want to add distinctive style and beauty to your home, consider sintered stone flooring. Though this type of stone flooring is more expensive than other options, it gives you superior quality and luxurious look that you cannot get from other types of stone floors. So why not give sintered stone flooring a try?


Last but not least,it’s important that you choose a sintered stone flooring company with experience and reputation.A good company will be able to help you choose the right type of flooring for your needs, as well as offer installation and maintenance services.


If you are in the market for sintered stone flooring,why look further when WIFi Ceramics can be your one stop solution, we deliver all above expectations.We have excellent products, professional sales, and a technical team with 25 years of experience.

Need any help? Reach out to us now and we’ll set you up for flooring success!


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