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Upgrade Your Space with Flooring Wood Look Tile

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We all know how expensive real wood floors can be, but wait! There are plenty of fantastic alternatives out there for those who want their floors to look as good and feel just like real wood without spending a small fortune.

Wood look tiles are a cheaper alternative in flooring. With their authentic wood appearance, yo'll be able to enjoy a warmer look with easier maintenance and greater durability that will last for years before needing an upgrade.

They're on-trend and very low maintenance tiles, making them perfect for both commercial or residential applications.

Why choose flooring wood look tile when compared to wood floor tile?


•fire prevention




•easy to maintain



•thermal shock-resistant


•UV resistant

With advances in technology, here at WIFi Ceramics, our durable and versatile flooring wood look tile is so close to real hardwood you'll never be able tell the difference. Dragging heavy furniture or sharp objects across this floor will damage anything else but not ours! This high-quality material can withstand foot traffic making it an appropriate choice for all residential use as well as heavy commercial projects like offices or stores where durability is key!

The possibilities are as vast and diverse with WIFi flooring wood look tile. Our flooring wood look tile comes with great ideas from various leading specialists. There are different tile sizes, colours and designs that you might want something that matches what's already there or maybe just one unique design - we've got it all here for you.

Bosco Bonsai Series

Wood look tiles allow you to go eco-friendly with exquisite beauty and elegance of real timber wood minus the exorbitant maintenance cost in the long run in addition to reducing the carbon footprint for the environment.

Bonsai blurs the lines between aesthetic and nature, with ancient horticultural technique that disrupts & manoeuvres natural growth elegantly. Deeply rooted in wabi-sabi philosophical principle that celebrates the idea of beauty in imperfection and transience, Bonsai artistry has since been the epitome of nurtured wisdom.


Bosco Colorado Series

Modern and stylish, wood look tiles are an advancement that allows affordable and durable porcelain tiles to appear exactly like natural wood to the naked eye. Wood look tiles are now being used throughout the house, allowing for a continual open concept.

Colorado presents the classic appeal of wood with the durability of porcelain tile in a realistic design of linear grains and organic nuances. Colorado captures a clean simple look in all of its four colors - suitable for a myriad of decor stylings.


Bosco Tropik Series

Wood look tiles are stunning and not only give you the appearance of natural wood, they're also cost effective and they help reduce the number of trees harvested every year to be used in flooring.

Tropik is a series of wood look tiles that exudes a seriously rich and upscale look. Its realistic wood grains and chic contemporary colors contribute to its popularity among leading designers and stylists. One thing's for certain although tile trends may change from year to year, Tropik's timeless beauty lasts a lifetime.

Wood Look Tiles

Bosco Getha Series

Wood is known for its enigma and timeless visual appeal in interior design. Designers and home owners are drawn to wood because of its natural beauty and design versatiuity.

WIFi introduces Getha collection of porcelain tile designs inspired by wood. Beautiful and undeniably elegant, these wood look tiles offer a palette of natural colours and unique grain patterns - they're exceptional for evoking classic masculinity or high glamour. Getha brings the best of the durability of porcelain tile and the inviting splendour of wood.


Having trouble deciding? Need to see what the flooring wood look tile described above would look like in your space? Order free flooring samples.

We also offer free consultation for how to install flooring wood look tile and maintenance & cleaning tips.

Flooring Wood Look Tile FAQs

#1. What is tile that looks like wood called?
Tiles that look like wood are called wood look tiles, wood grain tiles, wood plank tiles and so on. It comes in different colors, styles and sizes. With the advancement of production technology, you will find also wood look mosaic.

#2. Is flooring wood look tile really durable?
It's no wonder that porcelain tile is the flooring surface with by far, longest lifespan! Flooring wood look tile doesn't require regular maintenance and can withstand higher traffic levels or moisture better than real wood floors do- which means you'll never need to worry about them getting damaged easily in any space.

#3. Is flooring wood look tile waterproof?
Made from porcelain or ceramic, tile is one of the least porous flooring materials available. It's perfect for use in your kitchen and bathroom - not just because it's non-porous but also due to its high durability! WIFi Ceramics offers outdoor solutions with products specifically designed to withstand extreme elements like those on pool decks or patios; so you can enjoy them year round without worry about damage caused by weather conditions.

#4. Does flooring wood look tile fade or scratch?
Flooring wood look tiles are perfect for outdoor use and can withstand the elements. With proper care, these floors will last several decades! Our products also have an additional protective barrier that prevents scratches or stains from enhancing their natural appearance over time-- providing you with a long-lasting surface in any situation.

#5. Does flooring wood look tile need grout?
Flooring wood look tiles are a great way to bring the natural beauty of wood into your space. However, these designs aren't available without grouting- which requires an even contraction between each tile's edge and flooring surface!

#6. Is flooring wood look tile expensive?
The cost of flooring wood look tile depends on its type and style. Wood grain tiles with more features, like textures or advanced printing can be slightly more expensive than others in the same category; ceramic is more porous, which means it costs slightly less than porcelain tiles.

To Sum Up

If you want the timeless and beautiful flooring look of wood without having to worry about it wearing out, then flooring wood look tile is perfect. Advances in tile design technology makes it seem so real at first glance. Plus it has the advantages that wood floor tile does not have, such as moisture-proof,corrosion-resistant, deformation-resistant, easy to maintain and so on. The last reason that you will be using flooring wood look tile is because you are a SMART PERSON.

We're Here to Help

Here at WIFi Ceramics, we are a professional tile supplier with more than 20 year's experience. Once you're ready to get started, work with our associates who will guide you through the process and make sure that each step is completed seamlessly, from Dream To Done!


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