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Wholesale Floor Tile丨Large Format Tiles are Trend

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If you are now purchasing wholesale floor tile for your home, or any type of new construction, you must have asked yourself this question, small format or large format? Yes, any size of tile will be the best choice for laying any floor, whether it is indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic.

However, what we are focusing on today in this article is large format wholesale porcelain tile. Large format wholesale porcelain tile offers unique advantages for all types of renovation or new construction projects. For examples, from reducing installation time to less maintenance, and creating a spatial continuity effect, and so on. You can definitely benefit from large format wholesale porcelain tile when purchasing wholesale floor tile for your decoration project.

#1. What is a Large Format Tile?

Before we recommend you use large format wholesale porcelain tile, you may have a question: how exactly do we define it. Well, we are talking about it in these sizes: 600x1200mm, 750x1500mm, 900x1800mm. As you can see, large format wholesale porcelain tile can be rectangular or square. These are the sizes that will bring a striking effect to your space.

900x1800mm Polished Tile - TD918009

#2. Why Use Large Format Tile?

▪Safety and environmental protection

Because of the large size, the production standards of large format wholesale porcelain tile are relatively higher, so the quality is also relatively better, and it also has excellent fireproof performance. Because the large format wholesale porcelain tile is lighter and thinner, so in the unit area, it uses less raw materials and energy than ordinary tiles. Thus, it is more environmentally friendly, and does not cause too much load on the building.

▪Less seams

Ordinary tiles in the floor paving, in order to prevent various problems caused by thermal expansion and contraction, generally left a gap between the tiles, so that the visual effect is not very good. However, because of the large size, for the same space, the number of tiling large format wholesale porcelain tile is relatively small, thus leaving less seams and bringing a more beautiful visual effect.

▪Create a continuity effect

Because of the large pattern and rich textures, large format wholesale porcelain tile looks a lot like natural stone, so it has advantage in taste than ordinary tiles.In addition, it is easier to achieve visual integrity and unity due to the coherent texture and ductility of large format wholesale porcelain tile.

▪Easy maintenance

As we already mentioned in the second point, larger format wholesale porcelain tile will result in less seams. This means you can spend less time and effort on cleaning flooring, which should be what you want most, right? Because we know that cleaning the floor seams is a nasty chore, especially when you're done taking a shower in the bathroom or cooking a big meal in the kitchen, and if you don't take the time to clean the floor every time, then your floor is likely to get stained or moldy as the days get longer. However, with less seams, large format wholesale porcelain tile can provide the easiest cleaning procedure.

▪Large format tiles are trend

There is no denying that large format wholesale porcelain tiles are having a moment in the world of interior design. More and more homeowners and businesses are choosing to install these tiles in their floor spaces for a variety of reasons. From their clean, modern look to their durability and easy maintenance, large format wholesale porcelain tiles offer a lot of appeal.

▪Modern and bigger

Large format wholesale porcelain tiles create a large surface and smooth design that give your space a more modern advantage.Due to advances in digital printing technology, large format wholesale porcelain tiles can bring the appearance of almost any material, such as natural stone, concrete, wood and so on.

Because there are fewer and smaller seams between large format wholesale porcelain tiles, your attention is freed from the seams and thus the space appears more spacious. In addition, large format wholesale porcelain tiles are also suitable for small spaces. If you use them for your wall and floor, then your small space will look more uniform.

▪Reduce installation time

A few years ago, you may have heard that large format wholesale porcelain tiles were more complicated to lay than traditional tiles. Then, thanks to innovative installation methods, these problems have become a thing of the past. People can lay large format wholesale porcelain tiles quickly, easily and simply. And because of its larger size, fewer tiles are needed for the same area, so installation time is shorter, which can save you both time and money.

900x1800mm Porcelain Slab - TD918038

#3. How to Choose the Right Large Format Tile for Commercial or Residential Use?

▪When choosing large format wholesale porcelain tile for a commercial space, it's of most importance to consider the traffic that will be going through it.

▪Make sure the color of the large format wholesale porcelain  tile will coordinate with the rest of your decor.

▪Choose a style that is timeless, so it won't go out of style in a few years.

▪Large format wholesale porcelain tile that is too thin or delicate may not be able to hold up to constant use and could easily chip or break.

▪Heavier large format wholesale porcelain tiles like porcelain can handle more traffic, but they may be too cold for some businesses.

▪Ask for samples and test out the  tiles before making a purchase - walk on them, stand on them, and see how they feel under your feet.

▪If you're not sure what type of large format wholesale porcelain tile would be best for your space, ask an expert for advice. They'll be able to help you find the perfect balance between durability and aesthetics.

▪Make sure to measure the space where you plan to install the floor tiles so you know what size to purchase.

▪Think about what type of cleaning routine you'll be able to stick to.

▪Talk to a professional about installation and maintenance so you can make sure you're getting the best possible service.

▪Consider the cost of the large format wholesale porcelain tiles and how it will impact your overall budget.

#4. What are the Options of Large Format Tile?

▪Living room

Concrete-look Tile

Avenue collection, a porcelain tile design that offers a realistic look of concrete. With indestructible quality guaranteed, it comes with 4 random faces to achieve that urban look with a little more sass and class.

This tile is perfect for creating a living room that is both stylish and unique. The subtlety of the concrete-look finish pairs perfectly with any contemporary furniture and décor.

Industrial Style Tiles-Avenue

Golden Carrara Tile

Available in three gorgeous formats&surfaces, Opulen inspire feelings of lavishness and grace. Versatile and practical Opulen is the perfect foundation to design a stylish space that reflects your personality.

This luxurious tile is perfect for creating an elegant and inviting living space. its golden hues are reminiscent of the Italian city of Carrara, while its sleek and polished surface adds a touch of modernity.

Golden Carrara Tile - Opulen

Stone-look Tile

Nerja, a beautiful collection of porcelain tile design inspired by natural stone. Gorgeous and extremely durable, stone- look tile is definitely a smart choice for floor and walls, and very easy to take care as well.

With its realistic stone appearance, this tile is sure to make a statement in any space. The tile is made of durable porcelain material, making it a lasting investment for your home.

7501500mm Home Tile - Nerja


Marble Design Tile

Introducing Maroc—the tile that mimics the luxurious look of marble without the hefty price tag. This beautiful tile is perfect for creating a high-end look in your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Made from high-quality porcelain material, this tile is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The smooth, glossy surface is easy to clean and maintain, and the tile's durability ensures that it will last for years to come.

Marble Design Tile - Maroc

Cement-look Tile

Avis collection, a fabulous porcelain tile that combines the beauty of actual cement with the convenience of tile.
Available in two gorgeous colours, cement-look tiles are extremely versatile when it comes to spatial styling. Its industrial look injects textural quality to contemporary homes while its retro vibe makes it a perfect fit for mid-century modern settings.

750x1500mm Floor Tile - Avis

White Marble Tile

Opulen inspire feelings of lavishness and grace. Versatile and practical, Opulen is the perfect foundation to design a stylish space that reflects your personality. This tile makes your kitchen look simple and bright.

White Marble Tile - Opulen


Marble-look Tile

Varios is an exclusive porcelain series that replicates the beauty and grace of the actual stones. Versatile in its applications and utterly practical when it comes to maintenance, Varios is synonymous with today's contemporary lifestyle.

600x1200 Marble Tile - Varios

Terrazzo Tile

Terrax collection, a fabulous porcelain tile that combines the beauty of actual terrazzo with the convenience of tile.
Terrax terrazzo tiles add a sense of jump to the overall space of the bedroom, avoiding the blandness and dullness brought about by the accumulation of colors and giving the bedroom a happy atmosphere and shaping a colorful space.

600x1200mm Terrazzo Tile - Terrax

Sandstone-look Tile

Introducing Pekan, an exclusive porcelain series that showcases the elegance and quiet beauty of limestone. With a subtle design that is both modern yet charmingly rustic, Pekan evokes a wonderful ambiance to any space, while introducing a soothing visual interest without sacrificing the overall serenity.

750x1500mm Tile Manufacturer - Pekan


Pure Color Tile

It's all about deco tiles that generate more ideas and inspirations with industrial techniques and technology to enhance the beauty and character of the tile series to suit different design styles.

When you choose the same pure color tile for your bathroom walls and floor, your bathroom will look more integral and spacious.

Pure Color Tile - Un (2)

Stone-look Tile

This tile is made to look like stone, but with all the benefits of porcelain. It's easy to clean and maintain, and it's durable enough to withstand busy bathrooms. Plus, the tiles are slip-resistant, making them a great choice for families with young children. Give your bathroom the update it deserves with this gorgeous tile.

Terrazzo Tile

Perfect for adding a designer touch to any space, Terrazzo tile for bathroom is ideal for creating a stylish and contemporary look. The tile is also perfect for creating a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom.
With its neutral color palette, this tile can be easily coordinated with other design elements in your bathroom to create a cohesive look.

Blue Terrazzo Tiles - RAT602


Sandstone-look Tile

If you're looking for a tile that has the look of sandstone but with a more modern appeal, our Fange collection is the perfect choice. This tile is perfect for use in a lobby or other public space where you want to make a good first impression.

The classic beauty of sandstone is captured in this tile, with its warm, earthy tones and subtle veining. Whether you're looking to create an elegant or stately look, our Fange collection will give your space the polished look you desire.

6001200mm Wall Tile - Fange

Polished Marble-look Tile

People are falling in love with white marble again because it's beautiful and undeniably luxurious. With decor colors trending toward whites and greys, white marble has become a natural choice for designers.

It makes small spaces appear larger whilst creates a quiet drama, unlike any other stone. Cava inspire feelings of lavishness and grace. Versatile and practical, Cava is the perfect foundation to design a stylish space.

60x120cm Polished Tile - Cava

▪Dining hall

Marble-look Tile

If you're looking for an elegant and stylish way to upgrade your dining hall, look no further than our Brillo collection. The tiles are designed to resemble naturally occurring marble, providing your establishment with an upscale and luxurious look. Not only do they add a touch of class to any setting, but they're also durable and easy to clean, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

60x120cm Marble Tile - Brillo

▪Shopping store

Marble-look Tile

Our Brillo collection is also suited for shopping stores. Create a stunning marble-look floor with this tile, or use it to accent walls, counters, and other surfaces in your shopping store. With its timeless beauty and durability, the Brillo collection is sure to impress your customers and create a lasting impression.

Marble Tile-Brillo

Cement-look Tile

Cement tile is also a perfect choice for a shopping store setting. This tile has the look of cement, but is much more durable and easier to maintain. With a variety of colors and textures to choose from, our Gadot collection of cement tile can be used to create a unique and stylish look for your space.

750x1500mm Cement Tile - Gadot (2)

▪Recreation area

Glazed Porcelain Tile

In dark, moody colours with understated drama, Cordon is taking centre stage these recent years as this trend celebrates minimalism and the eclectic style - Coal fits in perfectly.

Whether you're looking to make a bold statement or simply want a tile that will add some pizzazz to your recreation area, our Cordon collection is the perfect option.

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Cordon

Stone-look Tile

Ruston brings the look of indulgence into your space, with the air of classic Italian charm bringing a captivating and modern twist that highlights the organic speckled pattern of stone.

This type of tile is designed to resemble stone, so it has a more rustic and earthy look. It is perfect for high-traffic areas and can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

75x150cm Stonelook Tile - Ruston

Also learn about our new product - inout technology tile, a tile that is perfect for indoors and outdoors, combining safety and easy maintenance.


Large format wholesale porcelain tiles are an excellent choice of wholesale floor tile to meet the demands of today's world of architecture, comfortably surpassing both technical and aesthetic requirements, both for works and new projects, such as the construction and renovation of spaces.

If you believe in the impact and effectiveness of large format wholesale porcelain tile, then browse through for more inspiration on how to use them to transform your space. Remember think big and order your wholesale floor tile today to start enjoying your dream space!

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