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Why We Love InOut Technology Tile?

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Homeowners are always on their toes, making sure that nothing bad happens at home. They know how easy it is for accidents to happen and they want any potential slip-and fall accidents in the house or backyard avoided as much as possible.

In this article, we will explore the wonders of inout technology tile and how it works. We will also discuss some of the main benefits for investing in such an innovative product.

#1. What Is InOut Technology Tile?

Anti-slip and stain resistance, anti-slip and soft touch, are two opposing sets of attributes in tiles, as if they could never achieve both functions at the same time.

Luckily, here we introduce you a new product - inout technology tile, a tile that is soft, anti-slip and easy to clean.

Inout Finish Floor Tile-Olga

InOut technology tile is specially developed to show a matte finish when dry and a strong anti-slip effect when exposed to water.

InOut technology tile feels like a stone that has been used for a long time and is very soft to the touch. It has a p2 level of softness to the touch.

And its anti-slip effect can reach p4 level because it uses a special glaze with anti-slip function instead of the traditional glaze. After 1200 degrees high temperature firing, the anti-slip function and glaze have been deeply intermingled together.


#2. Some Main Benefits Of InOut Technology Tile

2.1 soft touch

As mentioned above, inout technology tile achieves a p2 level of smoothness. Its warm touch changes the cold, coarse feeling that traditional tiles brought to the feet. It satisfies the soft and smooth touch people need to walk barefoot, adding a sense of intimacy and fireworks to the home.

2.2 anti-slip

In outdoor areas, rain can bring occasional slippage, but happily inout technology tile exhibits a strong anti-slip effect when exposed to water. Normal dry granules are sprinkled on the surface, but over time, these particles may fall off.

However, the anti-slip factor of inout technology tile is fired at 1200 degrees together with the glaze particles, and the anti-slip function and the glaze surface have been deeply intermingled. Therefore, inout technology tile can meet people's requirements for the durability of anti-slip. For more than ten years or even decades, in the wet environment it can still guarantee the safety of human living.

The strong anti-slip function makes inout technology tile suitable for every home or commercial area where safety and slip prevention is needed. For example, inout technology tile is always the ideal solution for shower rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, balconies, etc. in homes, pool areas, public restrooms, parks in commercial areas, and any other areas where people may be at risk of slipping and falling.


2.3 easy to clean

When homeowners are concerned that their floors are slippery, they often choose non-slip tiles. And matte surfaces provide slip resistance. However, traditional anti-slip for matte tiles uses raised dry particles, particle to particle, which are very difficult to clean, resulting in high maintenance costs.

In contrast, inout technology tile has both a p2 level of touchness and a p4 level of slip resistance. It is silky smooth to the touch, thus making it require only the daily cleaning regime required of any other tile; in addition, its high slip resistance allows one to use it in any area that may be wet. InOut technology tile is truly the ideal solution for any family home or commercial projects.

2.4  reasonable price

You might think that such great technical tiles must come with a very expensive price tag that you can hardly accept! But you will be pleasantly surprised to know that they are not as expensive as you think.

The price of tiles is influenced by different factors such as raw materials, production process, finish, size and so on. Although inout technology tile uses innovative technology in its production process, it is still very reasonably priced compared to other tiles of similar size that are not innovative. If you want to buy the most anti-slip and easy-to-clean tile without a big budget, then don't hesitate, inout technology tile is your first choice.

2.5 seamless appearance

Seamless look is increasingly popular for the tile decorative effect and inout technology tile allows you to create a seamless effect with the same finishes and tones throughout the area. From indoor to outdoor, its design and innovation is both functional and stylish.

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing seamless effect, it is best to use tiles of the same style and color to ensure consistency and continuity between areas.

2.6 easier to manage inventory

In the past, building developers or tile wholesalers needed to stock different surface tiles for different functions, but today inout technology tiles will be available for every space in the home or public place, without the hassle of arranging products with different slip resistance factors for different spaces.

This makes it easier for both building developers and tile wholesalers to manage inventory more conveniently and easily. With fewer SKUs in the business, it will also help reduce project wastage and daily overhead costs.

French Pattern Tile Suppliers-NAT01F

#3. InOut Technology Tile - Combining Safety and Easy Maintenance

The main selling point of inout technology tile is its manufacturing process. It incorporates a newly developed glaze with a special anti-slip function into the tile, which forms its actual structure and achieves a real anti-slip effect.

Overall, inout technology tile is a practical, safe and good-looking tile option. It creates a chic look for your space with the added benefit of slip resistance, while also taking the hassle out of cleaning textured matte tiles. It is definitely an excellent and cost effective solution for commercial projects and residences.

600x600mm Anti Slip Tile-Tirana


#4. Order InOut Technology Tile From WIFi Ceramics

In 2022,here at WIFi Ceramics, we launched the inout technology tile product which has both anti-slip function p4 level and smooth feel p2 level, and it is made after more than 1 year of research and development by our technical department.

Its anti-slip factor is fired at 1200 degrees together with the glaze, the anti-slip function and the glaze have been deeply intermingled together, making the anti-slip effect stronger when it meets water.

In the product self-inspection, our sequence is: brick surface without water with the pendulum method for three times; then brick surface with water with the pendulum method for three times; finally record the average value.

The following is the Australian P-value standard:

P2 is equivalent to the R9 feel,  with values between 25-34 using the pendulum method

P3 is equivalent to the R10 feel, with values between 35-44 using the pendulum method

P4 is equivalent to the R11 feel, with values between 45-54 using the pendulum method

During the production of each batch of products, our engineers will randomly check the P-value every hour.And we can tell you with great confidence that the current test data are above 50, indicating excellent performance.

In addition to self-testing, we also send our products to official institutions for testing and verification, and the following are our test reports.

If you want to learn more about the inout technology tile series we offer, please contact our friendly experts immediately. We are a professional tile manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 27 years. You can contact our consultant directly at + 86-757-82525005, or contact us for free samples through our simple online consultation.

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