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3 Techniques of Selecting Outdoor Floor Tiles

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Nowadays, many people like to use ceramic tile to lay the floor when they are dealing with their home decoration. The indoor ceramic tiles can make the interior decoration bright and clean and simple. Now the outdoor ceramic tile is higher than the previous stone brick and floor tile, and it is very popular. In the following, we will introduce how to choose outdoor floor tiles. I hope this article can helps you a lot and give you inspirations.

Outdoor Floor Tile

1. Distinguish Space When Choosing Outdoor Floor Tiles

When choosing floor tiles, they should be different in material. Floor tiles are divided into polished tiles and glazed tiles. Polished tiles are also called vitrified tiles. They are characterized by good wear resistance, and no need to soak in water, etc. Caused that they are relatively smooth and beautiful, they are suitable to use in the living room and dining room, at the same time, they are relatively easy to wipe. 

Glazed tiles are also called mirror tiles. They are characterized by good antiskid performance. The more water they encounter, the better the antiskid effect. However, it should be noted that glazed tiles are more sensitive to dust, which leads to the weakening of antiskid effect. Considering the kitchen and toilet are easily wet, glazed tiles would be the best choice.


2. Understanding Parameters is Essential

The hardness of ceramic tile is the most important parameter, which will directly affect the service life of ceramic tile, so it's especially important. The simplest method is to tap and listen to the sound. The clear and crisp sound indicates that the internal quality is good, and it is not easy to deform and break. On the other hand, the color difference and size can be judged according to the intuition, to see whether the colors of a batch of ceramic tiles are basically the same, and whether they can be put together well. The small color difference and regular size are the top products.


Of course, the identification of technical functions cannot be only depended on the feeling, but certification certificate of the manufacturer is also needed. Generally speaking, the products that meet the technical standards have the qualification certificate issued by the nation.


Another important parameter is abrasion resistance, which can be divided into five degrees from low to high. The five degrees are super wear resistance and are generally not used for home decoration. The bricks for home decoration can be selected between one degree and four degrees. Water absorption also determines the use of ceramic tiles. Tiles with high water absorption have low density and loose holes, so they should not be used in places with frequent flow, so as not to clean up after water absorption and scaling; Besides, tiles with low water absorption have high density and high moisture-proof and it's anti-pollution.

Outdoor Floor Tile For Patio

3. Be Careful about Ceramic Tiles that are Too Cheap

Some small manufacturers fight crazy price war by reducing production cost. It's not surprising that ceramic tiles will be used for many years. In one season, we saved money and bought the tiles that are not abrasion resistant from small manufacturers. One year later, the surface of the tiles is mottled and cracked.


In this case, you should rebuy the tiles. On one hand, all kinds of electricity and gas pipelines that have been paved can't be idle; On the other hand, the noise of the second decoration has disturbed the whole family. The most terrible thing is that some small manufacturers do not produce environmentally friendly products in order to reduce the cost. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers still choose regular ceramic tiles.


The above is the related introduction of choosing outdoor floor tiles. Hopes it can bring you benefits. I am wondering whether you are satisfied with the briefing. If you need more information about outdoor floor tiles, please feel free to contact us and continue to pay attention to our material selection. 

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