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How to Choose Right Floor Tiles for Your Living Room?

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There is an endless variety when it comes to choosing the right floor tiles for your living room or any room. From an array of colours and textures to various designs and patterns; you can get anything that you desire for. However, the variety might overwhelm you but not every type of tile is perfect for your specific area. You need to choose your tile very smartly so that it does not appear different from your remaining house interior. 

Thus, to help you, we have listed up some tips right here! These will help you choose the right floor tiles for living room so that it does not mismatch your house interior anyhow. Also, these will be of great help if you are designing your home from scratch and are not renovating it. Let's get started!

Polished Floor Tile For Living Room

Here are 4 Tips to choose the right floor tiles.


The very first thing to consider while choosing the right tiles for your living room is their durability. If you need some time to get the best quality tiles, then wait for a while. You won’t afford to change the tiling of your house now and then or after every two years. Therefore, make a smart choice and make sure that you invest the proper amount of money in getting tiles that are durable and long lasting. Never go ahead for buying cheap quality tiles as they wear off very fast and won’t last you longer than two years.

Overall Style

Now, as mentioned above, the endless variety of tiles can easily make you go crazy. You would want almost every other tile to be a part of your home. However, that is not how it goes. You need to be very careful while you select the tiles for your living room. You need to match it with your overall style. From the colours of your walls or wall tiles to your surrounding interior; make sure that everything syncs with everything. If your walls are white and you are going to for dark coloured tiles, then it might not make sense. Thus, always keep the overall style of your living room in mind while buying the right style of tiles.

Don't buy Slippery Tiles

If you have babies, then avoid slippery floor tiles by all means. There is no way that you can survive with those. Your baby will keep falling, and you cannot keep an eye on them all the time. Therefore, make sure that the tiles are not slippery and are convenient to walk on. This is also great for adults as you can walk without being careful, and we think that comfort and freedom are the two most important factors in houses. You can never be as free as you are in your house! So, freedom of walking is crucial, and you must keep that in mind.


Colour variety is huge in wall tiles and floor tiles both and this is where a lot of people easily go wrong while selecting the best tiles for their living room and make a horrendous decision that they regret later. You need to make sure that the colour you choose is the same as your living room’s walls or is the closest contrast possible. It should complement your entire living room and must go with the furniture too.


With these simple tips, you can get the right floor tiles for your living room, which go perfectly with the entire interior of your living room. Don’t let the variety make you go bonkers. Know what you want and what will make your house look amazing and make a smart choice. 

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