Sintered Stone Furniture in China

Following the upsurge of ceramic large plate, sintered stone furniture has become a new hot spot in the industry in the past two years. Many Chinese furniture enterprises have launched the concept of whole house customization with the help of sintered stone furniture. However, is there such a broad market space for sintered stone furniture in China?

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Sintered Stone Furniture

In fact, at present, many Chinese furniture enterprises have entered the field of sintered stone furniture because of the poor sales and application of ceramic large plate.

Although the production, sales and application system of ceramic large plate is becoming more and more mature, and the market share is also rising rapidly, it is still difficult to achieve a balance between production and sales in terms of only a few ceramic large plate production lines in China's industry. The ceramic large plate production lines built with huge investment only produce ceramic large plates for a short time in a year, and then either stop production or change production.

Entering the field of sintered stone furniture is exactly an exploration and attempt for Chinese furniture enterprises to seek a larger and broader market application space for ceramic large plates. This exploration and attempt is to break the market boundary of traditional ceramic tiles and ceramic large plates in the field of architectural decoration, so that they are no longer limited to space decoration such as ground and wall, but penetrate and move forward in the field of furniture with the help of the excellent properties of their materials.

At present, the main application scope of China's sintered stone furniture includes:  kitchen countertop, kitchen cabinet , bathroom washstand, the washbasin and bathtub processed from the sintered stone, as well as the table tops of various dining tables, tea tables, desks, conference tables and TV cabinets, and even the wardrobe and bookcase. In the field of traditional panel furniture, sintered stone furniture can enter.

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Sintered Stone Furniture

Compared with various traditional application materials in the field of furniture manufacturing, sintered stone has the advantages of health, environmental protection, beauty, durability, fire prevention and so on.

Taking the kitchen countertop as an example, it has experienced several generations of panel materials such as cement precast slab, natural marble slab and artificial quartz slab. Needless to say, the massiness, simplicity and rigidity of cement slab have already been eliminated; Although natural marble panels are beautiful and durable, they are often limited by their specifications and sizes, resulting in high prices. More seriously, they also have the hidden danger of exceeding the standard of radioactivity; Artificial quartz slab is beautiful, practical and convenient for construction. It can be customized according to different user needs. It can be said that it is the most popular and economical panel material for kitchen countertop at present.

However, there is a big gap in durability and aesthetics between artificial quartz stone and sintered stone. Therefore, the application of sintered stone in this field has a very broad prospect, which is known as the fourth generation material for kitchen and bathroom panel material.

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Sintered Stone Furniture

Compared with sintered stone furniture, the biggest disadvantage of all kinds of artificial wood boards, including particle board and density board, is that they are not healthy and environmentally friendly, and contain a large number of harmful components that harm to human health, such as the volatilization and disappearance of formaldehyde, which will accompany the whole life cycle of wood boards and cannot be volatilized even in decades.

Even furniture made of pure natural wood should be coated with protective films such as paint on the surface, and this protective film also has certain harmful substances. In addition, the service life and fire resistance of wooden furniture can not be compared with sintered stone furniture, including man-made stone. There are all kinds of problems and weaknesses.

As the saying goes, "Everything has its strengths and shortcomings". Compared with the production and customization of sintered stone furniture, the production and processing of wood panel in the field of furniture has been very mature, with low production cost, simple and efficient cutting and installation, which can not be overtaken by sintered stone furniture at present in China.With the continuous progress of production technology, wood panel furniture is becoming more and more mature in the application and treatment of formaldehyde. More healthy and environmental friendly wood panel furniture have appeared.

We must clearly see that whether in the field of architectural space decoration or furniture customization, substitution and anti substitution between materials will exist all the time, including glass, metal, wood, natural stone, artificial stone, sintered stone, coating, wallpaper, etc. Each material has its own superior properties as well as its best application space and market.

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Sintered Stone Furniture

Therefore, sintered stone can form advantages in performance and attributes of traditional materials in some fields, such as kitchen countertop and bathroom panel, dining table panel, etc. However, due to its high production and processing costs, it is unlikely to pose a major threat to traditional materials in the short term, let alone a revolutionary wave of substitution.

However, after all,sintered stone furniture has the advantages that furniture made of other materials can't match. Because of these remarkable advantages, sintered stone furniture is gradually respected by consumers in China. It is a star product in decorative materials. The sintered stone furniture into thousands of households has also become an inevitable trend in the development of the home field.

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