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Tile VS Vinyl Flooring丨Here’s a Checklist 2023

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Tile VS Vinyl Flooring

Tile for flooring is a product that everyone is familiar with, but do you know anything about its alternative option-vinyl flooring tile? We often hear people argue between traditional tile and vinyl flooring tile. Everyone wants to choose the most beautiful, durable, and favorable floor tile for his space. Both traditional tile and vinyl flooring tile share common benefits such as: durability, beautiful appearance, ease of cleaning, etc.


However, the two products are also very different in some ways, and sometimes one tends to outperform the other in one way or another. To help you make the best flooring decision for your space, we've compared these two products in 13 important categories, so read on!

#1. Material


Tiles are mainly made from fine clays and then fired at higher temperatures to harder them.

Leading Wholesale Porcelain Tile in China

Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile is a very thin, synthetic product made from PVC plastic and fiberglass and covered with a printed design layer and clear wear layer.

#2. Appearance


Tile has an advantage in appearance because of its texture. With tile flooring, your space has a timeless style as any current home fashion trend is more likely to change than tile flooring. As people have always come to tile flooring, it has reached a very high level of production technology and craftsmanship, so it is also available in a variety of colors and styles, as well as different looks, such as marble look, stone look, concrete look, etc.

Golden Carrara Tile - Opulen


Vinyl flooring:

If you want to create your own personal style for your space with unique floor tiles, you can choose vinyl flooring. Because of the manufacturing process, you can choose the color and design you want. You can also always change it when you want to follow another style because of the way it is relatively easy to install. But you must know that in premium spaces, we rarely see it laid with vinyl flooring. After all, vinyl flooring is usually designed to look like tile, but people can still easily be able to tell the difference. Of course, some high quality vinyl flooring can sometimes rival genuine tile.

Vinyl Flooring-Sence

#3. Size


Tile has more options than vinyl flooring tile when it comes to shapes and sizes. The tiles can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. The wide variety of shapes can be more than enough to meet the look you want for your space. And the tiles are generally available in sizes of 3 inches and also up to 18 inches.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile is available in many different colors though, just like tile. But in terms of shape, it tends to be square. It also has fewer options for size than tile, usually 9 inches to 18 inches.

Vinyl Flooring-Site

#4. Air Quality


The tile is manufactured from organic materials, so it has no negative impact in terms of air quality. It is healthier and more environmentally friendly than vinyl flooring tile.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile, as described in the #1Material above, is made primarily of polyvinyl chloride resin. And this material can release harmful gases into the air. Over time, it can accumulate in the air, which may adversely affect people with rhinitis, asthma.

Vinyl Flooring-Razzo

#5. Durability & Lifespan


Tile that can be applied in any space you want to decorate, living room, wet kitchen, bathroom, utility room, outdoor, etc. It is the most durable, hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. It has an average life span of up to 50 years. It will not expand and contract due to environmental changes. However, you must be careful that if a heavy object hits the tile, then there is a possibility of the tile shattering.


Vinyl flooring:

If durability is more important to you, then choose traditional tiles or high quality vinyl flooring tiles. Generally speaking, however, vinyl flooring tiles have a lower lifespan than tiles, typically 10-20 years.

Because vinyl is a resilient raw material, the bending properties allow vinyl flooring tile to absorb and dissipate forces from some falling weights, so it is not as likely to shatter as tile. This feature also makes it easier for you to replace damaged vinyl flooring tiles.

However, unlike tiles, vinyl flooring tiles can be applied in any space. You certainly can't use them in a parking lot, public restroom, or even a wet kitchen.

Vinyl Flooring-Pico

#6. Moisture Resistance


If you want to have the most waterproof flooring then you should choose tile. The tile surface has good resistance to water penetration. In addition, with proper installation and grouting, moisture will never reach the subfloor underneath the tile flooring, thus not harboring mold and mildew.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile should not be installed in wet or outdoor areas. Although vinyl is waterproof on the surface, if water seeps underneath the tile, it can cause the adhesive to peel off. Excessive humidity can also cause it to warp. Of course, it will not have these problems as long as it is applied in a dry place.

Vinyl Flooring-Montes

#7. Better to Walk On


Tile always gives a hard, cool feel. You may like to move around barefoot on the floor during the summer. It also has a surface that is very easy to clean and durable.


Vinyl flooring:

You may not expect vinyl flooring tiles to have noise reduction benefits, thanks entirely to its raw materials. Because its raw material is resilient, it absorbs the noise of footsteps and other activities. This is very practical for homes with children and pets. Vinyl flooring tiles give a warmer feel.

Vinyl Flooring-Urbane

#8. Pricing


Price is one of the disadvantages of traditional tile when compared to vinyl flooring tile. In addition to the fact that the tiles themselves sell for a higher price, the installation of the tiles requires grout, professional installers and tools, all of which add to the cost. When your tiles need to be removed, you will also need to pay another amount of money.


Vinyl flooring:

Generally speaking, vinyl flooring tile is a much cheaper form of flooring. On the one hand, it sells itself at a cheaper price than traditional tile. For the same size, color, and pattern, vinyl flooring tiles cost less than tiles. On the other hand, the ease of installation of vinyl flooring tiles can save you a lot of money. It does not require any professional help in installation, it is a do-it-yourself affair.

Vinyl Flooring-Glace

#9. Installation


If you are a trendy style-seeker who will be renovating your space frequently, then it is not recommended that you choose traditional tiles. This is because tile installation is a labor-intensive affair and will cost you quite a bit in installation costs.

Installing tile requires removing the existing floor to ensure that the concrete floor is level below. The tiles are then placed on a glue-like adhesive, which must be applied completely to the back of the tiles and there should be no compromise. Once the adhesive is dry, the joints between the tiles are filled with mortar grout and sealed when completely dry.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tiles, on the other hand, are much easier to install. As long as you have the time and energy, you can totally do the installation yourself. Installing them only requires you to simply attach one strip to another. Some require glue and some are not.

Vinyl Flooring-Fros02

#10. Warranty


Most tiles are protected against manufacturer defects for a short period of time, but if you feel that a manufacturer's warranty is important to you, then choose vinyl flooring tiles.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tiles usually come with a limited lifetime warranty on the residential side and a 5-15 year warranty on the commercial side.

PVC Wall Tiles-F14

#11. Cleaning & Maintenance


Most tiles have a surface that is waterproof, stain resistant, and does not harbor bacteria or mold. The smooth surface makes cleaning very simple. However, the grout between the tiles may stain over time and even begin to grow mold. So to prevent this from happening, you need to do routine cleaning on a regular basis.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile, like tile, only requires mopping for routine maintenance. However, it has the advantage of ensuring no mold or mildew buildup because it has no grout or cracks.

200x1200mm Timber Look Tile-Bonsai - WIFi Ceramics

#12. Environmental Friendliness


Tile is often considered an environmentally friendly product because it is made from natural materials and contains no chemicals. Discarded tiles do not cause air or water pollution when they are disposed of in landfills.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tiles are primarily made of PVC plastic, so they are certainly not as environmentally friendly as traditional tiles. Usually, if they are recycled, they are made into new vinyl flooring. If they go into a landfill to be burned, there is a possibility that toxic gases will be released.

200x1800mm Porcelain Wood Look Tile - Australian Oak

#13. Resale Value


Tile lasts longer than vinyl flooring tile and most of its properties are more powerful, thus it has a higher resale value. If you want your home to sell at a high price, then be sure to choose tile.


Vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring tile is usually considered a more economical tile option. So when it comes to resale value, it must not compare to traditional tiles. Even though it's a quality vinyl flooring tile, buyers may think it's not as good as traditional tile.


You may also be interested in Flooring Wood Look Tile. With their authentic wood appearance, you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer look with easy maintenance and great durability that will last for years before needing an upgrade.

Wood Tile Floors - Rovere


Seeing here, you should have a tile choice inside you that you prefer. But I still must responsibly make a short summary for you.


Tile, although more expensive to sell and more troublesome to install, is long-lasting, durable, environmentally friendly, has a higher resale value, and can be used in any space you want to decorate, albeit wet kitchen, bathroom, garage, outdoor, etc.


Vinyl flooring tile, thanks to the ease of removal and installation, can satisfy your hobby of following popular styles whenever you want. Its abundant choices in design styles, colors, patterns, sizes, etc. can satisfy you. Its cheaper selling price can also save you a lot of money for your renovation or decoration. However, it is not as environmentally friendly as traditional tile and lasts half as long as tile.


Whether you end up choosing tile or vinyl flooring tile, here at WIFi Ceramics, a tile supplier with more than 20 years of experience, we can provide you with quality product. Contact us, we want to inspire you and provide you with the perfect flooring for your next project.

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