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What is LVT Flooring?

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What Is LVT Flooring

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile. LVT flooring is a new type of resilient flooring that can look like real wood or real stone floor. It is also one of the most popular floors on the market. Why can this new type of floor be so successful? Today, I will introduce to you guys its basic structure, ingredients, production, and benefits. And I sincerely hope this passage can give you an overview of this new floor.

LVT Flooring Construction: Five Layers

1. The high-powered wear layer

The wear layer adopts the anti-fouling and anti-scratch technology to protect the floor from dust, stains, and scratches. It also carries a great durable performance. So this floor is usually used in high-traffic areas such as schools, restaurants, and living rooms. Depending on circumstances, its lifespan can last from 10 to 50 years. So you can hardly change the floor. This layer also looks very natural because of its extremely matt coating.  

2. The hyper-realistic vinyl print layer

The print layer takes advanced print technology, which gives the floor a unique appearance. Through the print layer, the LVT floor can resemble other floors on the market. So homeowners have the flexibility to design their ground with this floor. If you are creative and have the original idea of decorating the floor, the LVT flooring is the best option. And you don’t have to worry that it will look cheap and fake. With the high-tech printing technology and the 3-D wear layer, the LVT floor can look authentic.  

3. The resilient vinyl resin core layer

The waterproof and soundproof vinyl resin is used in this layer for the floor’s comfort and durability. So, the LVT floor feels soft and comfortable underfoot. If you like the feeling of a soft floor, the LVT flooring is highly recommended. Also, the LVT floor can absorb the noise, which provides you a quieter living environment. For other floors, you need to worry about the mold problem. But the LVT floor doesn’t even react with water! So, you can clean this floor with water and mop.  

4. The hyper-stable fiberglass layer

This layer contains thick fiberglass to improve the dimensional stability of the flooring. Whether you use the composite wood floor or the solid wood floor, it will deform as time goes by. But the LVT floor can look like wood and maintain stability at the same time. So, many people who live in seasonal areas choose the LVT floor instead of the wood floor.  

5. The impact-resistant vinyl backing layer

The backing layer is waterproof and can prevent the floor from curling and deforming. Also, the cushioned backing layer can act as a buffer when people accidentally slide down.  

Ingredients of LVT Flooring

LVT flooring consists of PVC resin, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, modifier, and carbon black. And PVC resin and stone powder are the dominant parts. All these ingredients are environment-friendly and formaldehyde-free. So it won’t produce poisonous gas like the wood floor.  

Production Technology of LVT Flooring

Usually, the production contains two main procedures. The first process is “calendaring.” We use a series of heated rollers to “roll or squeeze” the compound into a continuous sheet. Then send each sheet to the next stage-lamination through a cooling section. In this process, each layer will be bonded to the next until all layers are fully formed.  

Benefits of LVT Flooring

1. Resilient

LVT flooring feels more comfortable underfoot than the stone and tile floor. It can decrease the impact on human bodies when they are in contact with the floor. 


2. Anti-Slip and Healthy

LVT flooring is skid-proof, and non-slippery for its friction will increase when the floor is wet. Meanwhile, the LVT floor also has a strong stain-resistant ability. So, it is easy to clean and is beneficial to house hygiene.  

3. Mildew-Proof and Durable

The backing layer of the LVT flooring is stable for being made of lime and PVC. So it seldom grows mildew and bacteria. The top layer of it is the hyper-durable PVC wear layer, which carries excellent durability. As a high-tech product, the LVT floor has its competitive advantages compared to wood flooring that is easy to deform, and go moldy.  Also be sure to check our another related article: TILE VS VINYL FLOORING丨HERE’S A CHECKLIST 2022 in which we have compared these two products in 13 important categories.

Or you may also be interested in Flooring Wood Look Tile.With their authentic wood appearance, you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer look with easier maintenance and greater durability that will last for years before needing an upgrade.

After reading all the passages above, I believe you’ve already had a general idea of LVT flooring. On the one hand, it can resemble the appearance of wood and stone, making the house look more luxurious. On the other hand, the LVT flooring is very practical for it’s stable, comfortable, environment-friendly, and easy to clean. Therefore, many people consider it the best choice, whether for their houses or businesses. For any questions about our LVT products, please feel free to contact us.  

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