The high aesthetic and luxury value of natural stones make them a favourite option when it comes to the flooring any part of your home. One amazing and unique quality of natural most of these natural stones is the fact that they make a perfect indoor and outdoor floor tiles.

So, whether you are simply decorating your home, doing some minor renovation or carrying out a full construction around your space, natural stones such as Ceramic floor tiles, , Travertine, Slate, Travertine, Quarry, Porcelain, Sandstone,Soapstone, Granite, Limestone and others can add more beauty and grace to your space, especially when used as outdoor floor tiles.

Tips For Choosing Outdoor Floor Tiles

Before you dash out to purchase any type of natural stones as an outdoor floor tiles for your next project, here are a few tips you need to guide you in making the best choice. Sure, with these useful tips, you will understand that although these natural stones all have amazing and captivating textures and designs, using them wrongly may defeat their intended purpose of beautification.


1. Slip or Non-Slip Outdoor Floor Tiles

The grip factor of an outdoor floor tile is very important. This is particularly very important because an outdoor space such as a pool deck, or balcony is a place where there will likely be a lot of movement going on. So, having a slippery tile in such places is a quick recipe for disaster. Generally, non-slip tiles are best when it comes to outdoor floor tiles since a slip around such places can lead to serious bruises, injuries and even bruises.


2. Consider the Architectural Pattern of Your Space

The architectural design, as well as the overall outlook of the outdoor space you intend to tile, has so much to say when it comes to the type of outdoor floor tiles you want to use. For instance, if your outdoor space is one with a countryside design, then you will better choose a floor tile that will garnish the rustic backdrop of your garden. Similarly, if you have a modern-styled outdoor space, then a chic and sleek outdoor floor tile will make a perfect choice.

3. Colour Combo

When it comes to the colour of your outdoor floor tiles, there is absolutely no rule of thumb to this. With this, you can choose to match things or contrast things, the choice is yours. Well, you may want to match the colour and pattern designs of your outdoor floor tiles with the colour of your home, then you may have to choose some matching floor tiles that will give your home the uniform colour combination you desire. 

Need something contrasting? That's fine as well since natural stones and floor tile also comes in a vast range of beautiful colours and designs which will help you to mix things up just the way you would like to do.


4. Traffic Floor

Yes, foot traffic is as important as any other factor you would consider. Taking out some time to consider the level of foot traffic or heavy equipment and machines that will be plying your outdoor space is another important factor to consider to help you make the best choice.

Based on the level of usage, outdoor floor tiles come in various quality in terms of durability. So, giving adequate attention to the traffic on your space will help to choose an outdoor floor tile that will live up to the demand of movement on it.


5. Light Intensity

Well, when it comes to lighting as a factor to consider when choosing outdoor floor tile, here is a simple rule of thumb you should follow; "use dark coloured outdoor floor tiles for areas with good lighting or light coloured outdoor floor tiles for areas with low illumination”


Wrap Up

Choosing your outdoor floor tiles wisely by following these simple guidelines will always help you to keep everything well-synchronized without having some part of your space look out of place. Do you need some outdoor floor tiles? Kindly contact us for a swift and smooth deal.

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