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Stone Mosaic Outdoor-What You Need to Know

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If you are thinking about remodeling your outdoor space, adding an artistic touch with a stone mosaic might just be the perfect solution. Stone mosaics can be used in creating designs or patterns on walls, floors or other surfaces that will enhance their appearance.

Marble Mosaic

Marble mosaic tile is a kind of art and applied decorative products made of natural stone with bright color and unique design features. Its uniqueness lies in the perfect matching process of stone pieces, vivid colors and precise workmanship, and the over-all effect is very three dimensional.Marble mosaic tiles can be added to all kinds of areas, such as kitchens ,bathrooms and gardens. It is not only the interior decoration tile but also the exterior decoration tile.

Natural Stone Marble Mosaic-Knot

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Carrara Mosaic

Carrara is a type of marble that gets its name from the place where it was quarried, Carrara in northern Italy. Carrara mosaic is prized for its pure white color and is often seen with veins running through it in a contrasting color such as gray or black.

Natural Stone Carrara Mosaic-Bianco


Pebble mosaic

Pebble mosaics are also called pebble mosaic tiles or pebble tiles. They are created using flat, round,small stone pebbles to create patterns and images. These stone pebbles must be flat to properly hold together and be used in a mosaic. Pebble stones can vary greatly in size, but typically the larger ones are cut into smaller pieces to produce a uniform look between the different sizes of stones. Pebble mosaics have been found dating back to ancient Rome, where they were created from crushed tile mixed with mortar.Pebble mosaic tile is an attractive and durable option for outdoor flooring and other wet areas.

Pebble Stone Mosaic

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Please also refer to other types of mosaic tiles.

However, find the suitable stone mosaic for your different outdoor areas can be difficult. Now, with help of the following contents you will find some great ideas about how to choose the right stone mosaic for your garden, terrace or pool area.


Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular. Many people can't imagine a summer without spending as much time as possible in their garden. However, if you want to create an inviting patio or garden, you need to find the suitable stone mosaic . Another important issue is that your choice should think about how easy it would be to maintain your stone tiles.


The first thing you need to consider is the existing lighting. Dark stone mosaic looks dazzling in the bright sun, but if the space is lack of light, it will appear ordinary and old. Follow the rules of thumb for outdoor tile color selection to avoid the dark aura of this bad combination: always choose dark stone mosaics in places with good light and light ones in places with insufficient light.


The next step is to determine what kind of space do you want to create. Stone Mosaics are available in several types , styles, designs and materials. You need to know what type of decoration do you prefer,whether the classic or modern. Do you want to use stone mosaic for your swimming pool area? If so choose the suitable tiles which are resistant to water ;if your project is a space with a large flow of people and vulnerable to serious abuse, it is best to use heavy stone mosaic.


In short, not all stone mosaics are the same, so please ensure that the most appropriate tile is selected according to the specific needs of the specific area.

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Stone mosaic tiles can be made of various different materials. Slate, limestone and marble are the three most popular, but any natural stone can be used to make these uniquely beautiful works of art. If you like modern stone tiles, choose marble or some other type of new-generation stone tiles.


Safety performance is of great importance.We should regard safety as priority when we choose stone mosaic. The slippery tiles on the pool deck are the root cause of the disaster. Similarly, places with snow or rain are dangerous, whether it's the porch floor, the terrace or the stairs outside.


Non slip stone tiles are ideal for outdoor use. You can get healthy grip with the right surface treatment and amount of polish. Areas near water bodies such as pools, ponds and even garden fountains may be wetted, which will increase the smoothness of stone tiles. Falling on these hard tiles can lead to painful bruises and even fractures. Therefore, it is very important to choose the stone mosaic with the strongest safety performance.


You also need to consider the climatic conditions in order to choose the right stone mosaic for your outdoor area. Stone mosaic made of different raw materials will have different reactions. Some stone mosaics will crack at extreme temperatures, so please choose tiles that can adapt to weather changes. By far, porous tiles are the most popular because they are not easy to crack when placed outdoors.


Finally, stone mosaics also come in a variety of shapes and if you want to create some spots where your family can gather together, the rectangular stone mosaic tiles are suitable for that kind of spaces. These tiles fit perfectly with outdoor furniture.

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Ideally, stone mosaic tiles are designed for a wide range of purposes. You can design it to make the outdoor space look more attractive, lively and mysterious. You can even create different patterns: from delicate flower patterns to simple geometric patterns. Stone mosaic tiles are a good way for you to think outside the box. You can personalize the design in various ways you imagine and give full play to your creativity in modeling. Using stone mosaic tiles, elegance, beauty and practicality are not impossible.


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