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Choose Stone Mosaic for Your Bathroom

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Are you looking for the perfect way to update your bathroom? That's no problem. You can transform your bathroom with beautiful stone mosaic! (Refer to 10 Inspiring Design Ideas of Mosaic Tile for Bathroom)


Stone mosaic is a type of style of artwork created from small cut stones. It is usually made from marble, onyx or granite. Stone mosaics are usually products which can be designed to decorate interior or exterior decoration such as the bathroom wall and floor covering, kitchen backsplash, garden flooring and so on.


4 Benefits of Stone Mosaic

The benefits of stone mosaic are not only artistic but also functional. Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you use stone mosaic in your house or in any area that will be decorated with them.



Durability is an important benefit of stone mosaic in comparison to traditional flooring materials like wood or laminate which may be deformed and become damaged when exposed to high temperature fluctuations, water, humidity etc. Stone mosaic is more durable thanks to the fact that most of its parts are made of natural stone, which is very durable by itself.


The size of stone mosaic will depend on the demands and tastes of each customer, but we should not forget that it can be in many colours, shapes and sizes. It's really incredible how only one material can be used for construction of walls, floors, ceilings etc.



Stone mosaic can turn any space into something unique and different through the use of various forms, shapes and their placement which will eventually give it a character all its own. The stone mosaic tiles are made according to the wishes of customers providing them with full freedom to choose what they want exactly for their needs.



Some materials are used only for specific purposes, but stone mosaics are suitable for many different areas due to the variety of possibilities, which can be applied to them, whether it is floors or walls. It can decorate bathrooms and halls as well as kitchens. If you wish to make your table more attractive, you can also cover it with stone mosaics.

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Natural Stone Carrara Mosaic-Bianco


5 Tips of How to Choose Stone Mosaic for Bathroom

The stone mosaic is ideal to make your bathroom more elegant. However, not every stone mosaic are suitable for your bathroom decoration. Choosing the right stone mosaic for your bathroom can be a challenging and fun project. Here are 5 tips you can follow before choosing the stone mosaic that will decorate your bathroom.


Apply color scheme

One of the effective ways to create an artistic bathroom space with stone mosaic is applying stone color scheme. This simply means you have to choose stone mosaic colors that will blend well with each other and this includes the tone, shade and sometimes texture. For example, if you apply yellow or gold tones for your stone mosaic backsplash then for floor covering, it would be better to pick up an accent stone which has light blue tones or stone mosaic with white and grey stone colors.


Think about size

When shopping for how to choose stone mosaic for bathroom, it is important to keep the size in mind.

On the one hand, the size of the wall or floor space you have to fill will affect what mosaic size you need and how much grout and cement is needed to complete your project.

On the other hand,the size of the design affects how good your finished product looks because it will affect the proportion of the different components in your design. For example, size can have a marked impact on how much detail you are able to show in an animal or landscape based mosaic.

Consider shapes

Choose stone mosaics that are suitable to the style of your bathroom. Consider what your project requires such as curves, angles, circles and rectangles. Curves can add a new dimension to your stone mosaic but consider how this effect will flow with the rest of your design.


Pay attention to skid resistance

When you choose stone mosaic for your bathroom, the skid resistance of the product is also very important. If the product is too slippery, it is easy to fall , which will bring potential safety hazards. We can test through water. Generally speaking, the slower the water slides on the surface, the better its waterproof performance.


Consider hardness of the product

For decoration, everyone likes high-quality products, and the decoration effect is naturally guaranteed. Therefore, when we buy stone mosaic, we need to pay attention to the hardness of the product. Generally speaking, if stone mosaic has good hardness and toughness, so the product quality is naturally better, it is not easy to break, and its pavement is also more convenient.

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Natural Stone Mosaic-Shield Stone

How to Pave Stone Mosaic for Your Bathroom?

Construction thickness shall be considered

The thickness of the stone mosaic itself varies from 7 mm to 10 mm. In addition, the thickness of stone mosaic and ceramic tile is also different. Therefore, in order to make the wall or floor smooth as a whole, it is sometimes necessary to consider making a new leveling layer in a thinner area.


The spacing of construction joints shall be uniform

The seam spacing between the block stone mosaics must be uniform, and the size of the spacing should be equal to the original seam spacing between the small stone mosaics. In this way, the whole wall is formed as a whole, and it can not be seen that it is made of a large mosaic mold.


Control the construction rhythmwell

In the process of stone mosaic paving, phenomena such as slurry flow and whole block sliding may occur. These situations are generally caused by the failure to grasp the construction rhythm. It is better to wait for the last batch of cement to solidify slightly, and then paste the next batch on it, so the paving effect will be ideal.


Joint pointing with caulking agent

At present, caulking agent is generally used for pointing. Wipe it with wet white cement first, then dry cement to cure it as soon as possible, and finally wipe it clean with a dry towel. In this way, the effect of the stone mosaic wall or floor is more uniform, and the decoration effect is much stronger than the block material, because the construction joint can not be seen.


Do the clean work

After the pointing mortar and bonding layer are completely dry, the wall or floor can be cleaned. Two buckets are needed, one containing detergent and the other containing clean water. First, wipe the stone mosaic in circles with a rag soaked in detergent, and then wipe the stone mosaic with a sponge soaked in clean water to wipe the residue.

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Natural Stone Mosaic-Thassos White


If you are looking to give your bathroom a simple yet elegant look,then stone mosaic is the perfect choice. Stone mosaic tiles can transform even the most uninspiring bathrooms into luxurious rooms that will stand the test of time. The installation process for these tiles is also much simpler than other tiling options, and they are just as easy to maintain. So, why not give it a chance?


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