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Wholesale Pool Tile 丨A Must Read Guide 2023

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Your swimming pool can be a luxurious and comfortable retreat in your backyard! As one of the brightest sights of a home, a beautifully designed swimming pool is not only an extension of the home's architecture, but also a great magnet for drawing attention to your backyard.


Tile is one of the first design elements to catch people's eye throughout a swimming pool design, so decisions about tile need to be made very carefully! Maybe you've settled on a budget and a preferred style, but you still have a lot of decisions to make. Do you know how to identify a good pool tile manufacturer? how to choose the right pool tile? What is the most appropriate size? What types of pool tile supply are available that will deliver the most exquisite results?


To help you design your dream swimming pool, we've taken a look at pool tile. Now let's dive in.

swimming pool mosaic


#1. Five Key Points for Judging a Good Pool Tile Manufacturer

There are many pool tile manufacturer on the market, so how can you tell which manufacturer is good and worth buying from? In fact, there are some features that differentiate a good manufacturer from others. Some of these include:


▪Years of experience

Check to see how long the pool tile manufacturer has been in business. A company with years of experience is likely to have a good understanding of the products they sell and be able to offer advice on what would work best in your particular situation.



Check their reputation online. Pay attention to their customer reviews and ratings on different platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google Review, etc. This will give you an idea of how satisfied other customers have been with the products they've received from the pool tile manufacturer.


▪Price and quality

Compare prices and features of different manufacturers before making your choice. Do not compromise on quality or features to save a few bucks. A good pool tile manufacturer often offers competitive prices on their quality products. They understand that buyers are looking for the best deals and will do everything they can to provide them.


Make sure the pool tile manufacturer has a good warranty on their products. This shows that they stand behind their products and that they are confident in their ability to provide you with a quality product. And this will give you peace of mind knowing that your pool tiles are protected against damage or defects.



Look at samples of the manufacturer's work. All reputable pool tile manufacturers should be more than happy to share pictures of the pool tiles that they have made in the past, as well as some close-up pictures of those tiles. This will give you a good idea of both the quality of their work and the kinds of styles that they offer.


In short, choosing a good pool tile manufacturer is essential for ensuring the long-term beauty and functionality of your pool. So, take your time in selecting one that meets all your requirements.


#2. Top Five Factors to Consider When Buying Wholesale Pool Tile

▪Acceptable price

You need to determine a budget first, which will help narrow your search. If you are on a budget and at the same time want your pool tile to be both beautiful and quality, then porcelain wholesale pool tile would be your best choice. This is because porcelain wholesale pool tile is usually more affordable and there will be more options compared to stone tile and glass tile. In addition to the cost of purchasing wholesale pool tile, you also need to consider the cost of installation and later maintenance. The more complex the pool design, the higher the installation and maintenance costs will be.


▪Resistant to sunlight exposure

Sunlight often shines on the pool, so the pool tiles must be made of materials that can withstand sustained sun exposure. That is why most swimming pools are made of glazed bricks. The glazed tiles are acid resistant and fade resistant. This type of tile can withstand sunlight without losing its shape or appearance.

▪Slip resistance

Another thing to consider is the slip resistance of the pool tile. This is especially important if you have young children who will be using the pool. You want to make sure that the wholesale pool tile is not too slippery, but also not so rough that it will be uncomfortable to walk on. Go the safe route and install pool tiles for your swimming pool, it only makes sense.


▪Correct tile size

Choose the correct tile size and proportion for your swimming pool. If you have settled on glass wholesale pool tile for your pool, then I must warn you that the last thing you want is for your larger glass tiles to break after a period of time because they've been exposed to prolonged heat! Larger glass tiles are known to break by temperature shocks, especially when you use them along the pool waterline. Do your homework and consult with your wholesale pool tile supplier about which tile size selection is best for your pool.


Plus, if your pool is irregularly shaped, you must also use smaller tiles instead of large tiles. Because for free-shaped and kidney-shaped swimming pools, small tiles are easier to wrap in curves and corners.


▪Attractive tile color

When choosing the ideal wholesale pool tile, color is also one aspect that you must consider carefully. The most classic wholesale pool tile color is blue. Because blue makes the water in the pool look clear and bright, creating a classic pool appearance. Here at WIFi Ceramics, we offer you different shades of blue wholesale pool tile to match your ideal pool look.


White wholesale pool tile are also a good choice. They give people a sense of relaxation, and also make the pool water look as blue as the sky.


If you're a style-conscious person, then you can add personality to your pool utilizing unique colors and designs. Use ceramic wholesale pool tile for most of the pool, glass mosaic tile for the waterline, or design the pool into a multitone contrasting band.


With these factors in mind, you should have no trouble finding the perfect wholesale pool tile!


#3. Excellent Wholesale Pool Tile Supply from WIFi Ceramics

Glass Pool Mosaic Tile

3.1 Crystal Glass Mosaic

Crystal glass mosaic, made of natural minerals and glass powder, is the safest building material. It's transparent and shining, like jadeite. The lighting effect is more prominent in the sun, adding extraordinary mysterious color and infinite romantic sentiment to the pool in the night.

3.2 Gold Line Glass Mosaic

Gold line glass mosaic, containing a certain proportion of filiform or point ribbon metal crystal particles, flickering in light. It is more texture and high-grade than the general melting mosaic, and the metal crystal particles are evenly distributed and natural, in the form of dotted silk and golden yellow.


3.3 Starry Sky Glass Mosaic

Starry sky mosaic, containing irregular distribution of white crystal particles, is as bright as the starry sky. The surface will changes with light.And the surface texture is the same as the luminous effect of pearl. Different light angles will have different light shadow and luminous effect.


The three types of glass pool mosaic tiles mentioned above all have the following advantages: good chemical stability, hot and cold stability, no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light volume weight and firm adhesion.

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swimming pool mosaic tile

Ceramic Pool Mosaic Tile

3.4 Caribbean Series

Add style and sophistication to your swimming pool with our Caribbean wholesale pool tile. The unique brilliance of our Caribbean series is perfect for your border for steps or waterline. Regardless of time, like a stylish Navy blazer, Caribbean series will cut an elegant silhouette.

3.5 Sea of Love Series

Fully tile your pool with our Sea of love series, it will bring a punchy and vibrant effect. If fully tiling in Sea of love wholesale pool tile, you will achieve a magnificent colour that attracts attention and admiration. Sea of love is romantic and brave. Are you?

3.6 Cortona Series

It brings sombre and dark looking but generous and bountiful in its offerings. With Cortona wholesale pool tile, you can create a pool which is a meditative space where you can reach your own form of enlightenment.

3.7 BH Series

Serious lovers of colour, look no further! BH series is a blend of light blue, mid blue, deep grey-blue ceramic tiles. There is nothing more classic and impeccable than a blue colour. A fully-tiled pool in BH series is dramatic and distinguished. The blue colour has seen a whole lot of family fun!

3.8 HBP Series

HBP series pool tile is bright and radiant. If you are in the hunt for a bright colour wholesale pool tile, HBP series could be the one for you! It looks attractive when used as the water line tile band when contrasting with light blue water and a light coping edge.

3.9 Ice Rhyme Series

In the hot summer days, Ice rhyme series gives you a cool feeling! Full tiling your pool in this series ceramic tile will give you a feeling that it was like you were on vacation in a swimming pool in Bali. Hear the beautiful sound of the waves gently lapping against the shore of the estuary.

3.10 Green Series

In ultramarine, cerulean and turquoise colours, Green series is a ceramic pool tile filled with personality and fun. Seeing is believing, a fully tiled pool in Green wholesale pool tile is a tasteful feast for the eyes. With its own unique way, most definitely deserving of our attention and love. Green series– Let’s get it on!

3.11 Water Lines Series

Life doesn’t have to be so serious!Consider using our handsome water line series to create a distinctive ornament around your pool’s waterline. Be bright, be bold, be brave!

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