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Why Choose a Sintered Stone Dining Table

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The dining table is the usual place for you to have your meals together with family or friends. There are so many selections of dining tables available out there, but people are more choosing sintered stone dining tables.A sintered stone dining table is a beautiful and unique addition to your home. What makes it so special? Why should you choose a sintered stone table over other materials? Keep reading to learn more about sintered stone dining tables.

#1.What is sintered stone?

Sintered stone is a super large new porcelain material made of natural raw materials through special process, pressed with a press of more than 10000 tons (more than 15000 tons), combined with advanced production technology and fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 ℃, which can withstand the processing processes of cutting, drilling, grinding and so on.


Sintered Stone Table-XA601

#2.What are the advantages of a sintered stone dining table?

▪Food grade and Healthy - The best advantage of a sintered stone dining table is that it is food grade. This means that you can safely place food on the surface without having to worry about any harmful toxins being released.

▪Durability - Sintered stone is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use without showing any signs of wear or damage.It will retain its looks for years to come even with high-intensity use. This makes it the perfect choice for a dining table that will be used frequently.

▪Scratch and Stain Resistance - Sintered stone is made from a material that repels water, oil and other liquids. This means that staining can be easily prevented by quickly wiping up any spills with a damp cloth. Furthermore, the material cannot be scratched by regular use items such as knives and forks.

▪Easy to clean - A sintered stone dining table can be cleaned in the same way as most other types of stone countertops. Sintered stone also has a smooth texture that makes it easy to clean and maintain. The surface is not porous which means that spills will be easily wiped away while dirt or dust won't stick to the table top, so you don't need to worry about time consuming cleaning routine.

▪Fireproof and Heat-resistance - The sintered stone is classifed as A1 fre-rating products which means it is non-combustible.When it directly contacthigh-temperature objects,there will be no deformation, no physical changes such as contraction, cracking,and discoloration,and nogas or smell in the 2000℃(3632F)open flame,which is very safe for use of dinding tables.

▪Seating Capacity - A sintered stone dining table can last for decades, so it is important to choose the right size when making your purchase. Measure the space where you want to place your table and compare it with our catalog of tables in order to determine the most appropriate size. Sintered stone is available in many different shapes and sizes, so it is easy to find the perfect fit for your home.

▪Interior Design - Sintered stone dining tables are available in a number of different colors and finishes which can be combined with other types of countertops or furniture to suit your taste. It's also very easy to add personal elements such as a custom cut edge or engraved designs to make your table unique.

▪Good for the environment - The production process of sintered stone is less damaging to the environment than most other options. Instead of using large quantities of water, energy and chemicals in order to create a finished product, sintered stone is made with compressed sand.


Sintered Stone Dining Table

#3.How do sintered stone dining tables compare to other table types?

When it comes to choosing a dining table, there are many factors to consider. One of the most important decisions is deciding what material to choose. Sintered stone tables are a popular choice due to their durability and attractiveness. But how do they compare to other table types?

Wooden tables are a classic choice and can be made from many different types of wood, depending on your preferences. They can be stained or painted to match your decor, and they usually last for many years with proper care. However, they can warp or crack over time, and they are not as durable as sintered stone tables,which can be as durable as granite as long as the stone is correctly cut and polished.

Glass tables are another popular choice, especially for modern decor. They are extremely good-looking and easy to clean, but it must be noted that if they are dropped or knocked by accident, they can shatter into dangerous fragments of glass. They also need to be polished on a regular basis to maintain its shine. Yet sintered stone dining tables will not shatter if dropped on a hard surface and may last 50 years or more if properly maintained.And there is no special maintenance demand. The cleaning is simple and fast.

Metal tables are sleek and attractive.They are lightweight and easy to move around thus making a good choice for areas that require frequent rearrangement or where weight is an issue.But they can be difficult to clean - grease and dust can build up over time .As a result, metal tables require regular maintenance and may rust over time.However,as mentioned above, sintered stone dining tables are easy to clean - just a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes.

Sintered stone is a synthetic material that is extremely durable and can be customized in many ways. It is also easy to clean and does not require any maintenance. As a result, sintered stone dining tables are a popular choice for many homeowners.

Discover the captivating allure of sintered stone dining tables and witness their unmatched superiority over other types of dining tables. As your curiosity deepens, a desire to incorporate these extraordinary pieces into your own home begins to take hold. Waste no time and immerse yourself in a delightful exploration of our exquisite collection of sintered stone dining tables.

Black Sintered Stone-DB2M90CC-Y

#4.How to buy a quality sintered stone dining table?

▪Ask clearly about the raw materials of the sintered stone

Many products under the banner of sintered stone are actually large ceramic plates. To put it bluntly, they are large ceramic tiles. The main raw material of ceramic tile is clay, and the main raw material of sintered stone is clay + stone powder. The composition is different.

If you want a reliable sintered stone supplier as your partner, WIFi Ceramics is the best option for you. The sintered stone dining tables we provide are all real materials

▪Ask the compressor for sintered stone

Even if the chemical composition of raw materials of ceramic tile and sintered stone is close, the difference of press will make them quickly open the gap. The most intuitive is the tonnage of press. The ceramic tile press is generally thousands of tons, while the sintered stone press is 10,000 tons starting from (1WT), which is generally 15,000 tons (1.5WT), and the high-end sintered stone can reach 30,000 tons (3WT).

▪Choose a good sintered stone brand

Because sintered stone brands only produce the stone itself and deliver large quantities to downstream processing businesses, and do not make finished sintered stone products ,thus it actually needs to pay more attention to what brand of sintered stone the businesses use.

See 8 Factors You Should Consider when Buying Sintered Stone Table for more information.

Artificial Stone Furniture-A608


Overall, sintered stone dining tables are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable, stylish and versatile table. They are perfect for both everyday use and for special occasions, and they will last for many years. So, if you’re looking for a new table for your dining area, be sure to consider a sintered stone model. You won’t be disappointed.

Contact us today to learn more about our sintered stone products. Here at WIFi Ceramics, we provide a wide range of options for you to choose from to help create your dream table!

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