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  The Royal at Atlantis
    Location: Dubai
  Area: 220 square meters

When we talk about the mosaic project at the Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai, it's both a challenging and thrilling endeavor. We are the mosaic cutting suppliers responsible for creating a unique and breathtaking decoration within the hotel lobby's landscape pool.

Our team meticulously planned the design, considering the site environment, the overall style of the hotel, and the client's requirements. We didn't just aim for the mosaic's aesthetics; it was equally important to ensure it harmonized with the hotel's luxurious ambiance.

Throughout the entire production process, we maintained close collaboration with the client and the design team. From material selection to color coordination, every detail was carefully considered to ensure that the final mosaic seamlessly integrated with the hotel's design concept and overall atmosphere.

Creating this mosaic pool was no simple task. We required precise measurements, intricate cutting, and advanced installation techniques. Despite the limitations of the site, our team overcame various technical challenges, ensuring the quality and beauty of the mosaic.

Ultimately, after nearly a year of hard work and collaboration, we successfully completed the production and installation of this mosaic pool. It's not just a mere decoration; it stands as one of the highlights in the hotel lobby, offering guests a unique visual experience and becoming a source of pride for the Atlantis, The Palm. This project also showcases our team's professional expertise in the field of mosaic art and our unwavering commitment to quality.
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