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Outdoor Tile Floor∣Your Essential Guide 2023

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for outdoor tile floor in 2023! Whether you're renovating your patio, updating your pool area, or adding some charm to your backyard, outdoor tile floor can be an excellent choice for enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.


With a wide range of options available in the market, choosing the right tile for your outdoor area can be overwhelming. That's why we've put together this essential guide, including popular types, factors to consider, popular searches, and FAQs, to help you make an informed decision and create a stunning outdoor living space that you'll love to spend time in. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let's dive into the world of outdoor tile floor!


1. Popular Types for Outdoor Tile Floor

1.1 outdoor ceramic tile


Outdoor ceramic tile can handle mild weather conditions and light outdoor use, but they aren't as strong as other types of outdoor tile, such as porcelain or natural stone. This means that you should only consider ceramic tiles for covered patios or outdoor areas that don't experience extreme weather changes.


However, it's important to note that not all outdoor ceramic tile are created equal. Some types are weaker or stronger than others, so it's important to select a durable option. For example, porcelain ceramic tiles are more durable than standard ceramic tiles, making them a better option for outdoor use.


Another important consideration is the price range of ceramic tiles. Depending on the type and quality of the tile, there can be a wide range of prices. While ceramic tiles can be an affordable option, it's important to balance cost with durability to ensure that you're getting the most value for your investment.


1.2 porcelain outdoor tiles


 One of the key benefits of porcelain outdoor tiles is their resistance to water absorption, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. Unlike other types of tiles, porcelain does not absorb water, which prevents it from cracking, warping, or deteriorating over time. Additionally, porcelain is resistant to fading, staining, and other forms of damage caused by exposure to UV rays, chemicals, and other outdoor elements.


However, not all porcelain outdoor tiles are created equal. When choosing porcelain tiles for outdoor use, it's essential to ensure that you select a tile that is rated for this purpose. Porcelain outdoor tiles are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors and have a low water absorption rate.


In addition to selecting porcelain outdoor tiles, it's also important to choose a tile with a textured surface. Glossy or polished porcelain outdoor tiles can be extremely slippery when wet, which can be dangerous in outdoor spaces. A textured surface provides traction and reduces the risk of slips and falls, making it a safer option for outdoor areas.


1.3 stone outdoor floor tiles

slate exterior tile


Slate is a versatile material with a broad spectrum of hues, beyond the typical gray shade that usually comes to mind. With its natural cleft finish, it can have a smooth or an uneven surface texture. Being water-resistant and durable, slate exterior tile is a favored choice for outdoor applications. You can use it to create outdoor decorate walls or design pool-side floors.


granite outdoor tile


With its strength and durability, granite outdoor tile is the ideal outdoor stone tile for those looking for a long-lasting option, despite its relatively high cost. Its natural waterproof qualities and resistance to bacteria make it a perfect choice for families with pets and children. Due to its ability to withstand wear and tear,granite outdoor tile is an excellent option for outdoor commercial and residential areas. Plus, it doesn't easily chip or crack, making it an even more practical choice.


travertine outdoor tile


Travertine, a natural stone, produces exquisitely textured and colored tiles. However, its pitted surface can accumulate dirt over time. Polishing the surface can prevent this issue, but it may also create a slippery surface when wet. So please remember to choose the travertine outdoor tile with high anti-slip grading.


sandstone outdoor tile


Sandstone has a stunning texture, but it's more fragile than limestone. The tile is made of compressed sand layers, which makes it prone to scratches, chips, and cracks. Additionally, water can cause considerable damage to sandstone. However, if you reside in a dry region and apply frequent sealant, sandstone outdoor tile can be an exquisite addition to your outdoor space.


1.4 concrete tiles outdoor


Concrete tiles outdoor are a more affordable alternative to natural stone tiles outdoor. Manufacturers can mold concrete into different textures and color them to mimic the appearance of natural stone. This provides a high-end look to your outdoor area at a lower cost.


In addition to their aesthetic appeal, concrete tiles outdoor are known for their durability. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and are resistant to extreme temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor use. However, like all types of tiles, they require maintenance to ensure their longevity. You will need to reseal them every few years to protect them from moisture and stains.


If also want to know other suitable materials for deck, please check this guide: outdoor tiles for decks, in which we have compared the four popular materials.

2. Factors to Consider when Buying Outdoor Tile Floor

2.1 Focus on the anti-slip property

When selecting outdoor tiles, non slip outdoor tiles should be your top priority. It is essential to consider slip resistance and texture, regardless of the area you need to cover. Moisture exposure can cause accidents and injuries, making it crucial to choose tiles that prevent slipping. Opt for non slip outdoor tiles or those with textured surfaces that promote safety and prevent accidents. By prioritizing safety in your tile selection, you can ensure everyone stays safe and sound.


2.2 Pay attention to the durability of tile

To ensure that you have the ideal outdoor floor tiles, it's crucial to prioritize their durability and strength. Unfortunately, many individuals overlook the importance of tile strength. Unlike indoor floor tiles, outdoor floor tiles need to be tougher and less prone to damage such as scratches, cracks, and other forms of wear and tear that can last long. Therefore, it's essential to select outdoor floor tiles that are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and high traffic areas.


Consulting with tile professionals can provide valuable insights into the type of strong and durable tiles required for your outdoor space.


2.3  Choose the suitable tiles for every outdoor area

When it comes to choosing outdoor floor tiles, it's essential to consider the area where you'll be using them. While outdoor floor tiles are designed to withstand various weather conditions, not all tiles are created equal. Some tiles are more durable than others and have higher water resistance than others.

It's important to choose the right tile for the specific outdoor area, whether it's a patiodeck, or pool.


2.4 Weather Conditions are Crucial

If you're in the market for outdoor floor tiles, it's important to consider your area's weather conditions. Does your location experience mild weather patterns, or are winters snowy and summers scorching? Do you receive heavy rainfall in the spring and fall?


Choosing tile that can withstand the elements is crucial to ensure its longevity and safety. A tile that can handle high temperatures may not be suitable for areas with snow and ice. Additionally, if your area receives a lot of rain, you'll want to look for tiles with extra grip to prevent slipping.


Before selecting your outdoor floor tiles, take some time to research the weather patterns in your region and choose tile that can withstand the elements.


2.5 Consider how much sunlight the area receives

When it comes to choosing tile colors for your outdoor spaces, it's important to consider how much sunlight the area receives. While dark tile colors can make shady spots feel even darker and gloomier, light tile colors can create a washed-out effect in areas that get a lot of sun.


To achieve the best visual effect, it's recommended to install light-colored tiles in areas that don't receive much sunlight. On the other hand, if your patio or outdoor area gets a lot of direct sunlight, using dark tiles can help balance out the brightness and create a more comfortable atmosphere.


2.6 Keep in mind Your style

When it comes to enhancing the appeal of your space, style is of utmost importance. The exterior space can make or break its attractiveness, which is why it is crucial to create a great first impression. People will notice the exterior first, so it is essential to ensure that it complements the overall architectural features and theme of your space.


The outdoor area should not look like a separate entity but blend in with the rest of the space seamlessly. Therefore, it's important to focus on the materials and design of the outdoor tiles. The style, textures, colors, and design of the tiles should complement the overall appearance of your space. This will help to create a cohesive and appealing look for your property.

outdoor tile floor

For more tips for choosing outdoor floor tiles, please check How to Choose Outdoor Floor Tiles


3. Some Popular Searches for Outdoor Tile Floor

3.1 white outdoor tile 


Looking for versatile and contemporary white outdoor tile? The PERLINO BIANCO 600x1200mm tile is a great choice. With its matte sandy, stone-look body, this large-format white outdoor tile creates an organic, fluid movement that is sure to captivate.


Not only is it stylish, but it also offers practical benefits such as an r11 anti-slip rating and frost-resistant properties, making it ideal for patios, decks, living rooms, kitchens, and more. These extra-thick 2 cm deep floor tiles are perfect for most exterior patio tile areas.


For those interested in white outdoor tile, the PERLINO BIANCO tile is the perfect choice. Free samples and friendly professional advice are available from WIFi Ceramics. Don't hesitate to contact them to find tiles you'll love!


3.2 outdoor floor tiles grey 


Outdoor floor tiles grey are some of our most in demand tiles. Bring the everlasting style of granite to your landscape with the 600x1200x20mm outdoor floor tiles grey. They are made from quality material and are offered at an excellent great value price. The rectified precision cut edges allow for narrow grout lines and a modern seamless design.


This performance tile is designed to deliver a classic granite look with a weatherproof and durable construction, with built-in slip resistance made for decks, pools, and other outdoor applications.Please contact the WIFi Ceramics for free tile samples.


3.3 outdoor tile looks like wood


Our TRAIL Series is a outdoor tile looks like wood. Our designers' research produced this outdoor floor tiles infused with the soul of wood, a tile product that evokes the freedom of open space and contact with nature. TRAIL Series brings a wood look to your outdoor flooring while providing non-absorbency, frost resistance, slip resistance and chemical resistance. Its high slip resistance makes it suitable for outdoor residential and commercial floors, as well as around swimming pools and bathing areas. Please contact the WIFi Ceramics for free tile samples.


3.4 outdoor floor tiles for porch


Looking for versatile and unique outdoor floor tiles for porch? Transform your porch with the Italian inspired TCA Series - 600x600mm terrazzo porcelain tiles, featuring a blend of subtle grey tones and on-trend terrazzo style flakes. Made from hardwearing quality porcelain and with a sophisticated matt finish, these beautiful tiles are 20mm thick and perfect for porch, garden and patio.


This tile also features a useful r11 anti slip surface, which is ideal for hallways, kitchens and bathroom flooring to help avoid slips. For free tile samples and tiling advice such as grout colour ideas, please contact the WIFi Ceramics.


3.5 outdoor floor tiles for garden


Modern and luxurious, the NUAGE NERO Series 600x600x20mm matte outdoor floor tiles redefine the look of stone tiles to a statement of sophistication and industrial edge. With a dark charcoal tone and a textured matte finish, these outdoor floor tiles offer a sleek and minimalist look while maintaining the natural variations of stone tiles to add authenticity and a dramatic flair to the outdoor space like garden, patio, balcony and etc.


3.6 outdoor floor tiles for home


Wow expect your friends and family to enjoy a stylish garden or patio using the contemporary design of the MINIMAL Series 600x1200x10.7mm cream outdoor floor tiles.


This tile perfectly replicates the soft cream color and soft texture of marble, recreating this classic look with all the benefits of affordable porcelain. Honed finishes offer a modern and consistent visual effect that is perfect for homes and commercial outdoor projects. Utilizing the low-maintenance qualities of porcelain, MINIMAL Series tiles are stain and water resistant with an r11 slip resistance rating, making them suitable for wet spaces such as gardens and any frequently used spaces such as bathrooms.


For more newest outdoor floor tile design trends, check Get Inspired: The Best 16 Outdoor Tile Design Trends 2023

4. Top 10 FAQs of Outdoor Tile Floor

4.1 What type of tile is best for outdoor use?

Porcelain tile is an excellent option for outdoor tile floor due to its strength, versatility, and resistance to harsh weather conditions.


Porcelain tiles are made from a dense and durable type of ceramic material that is fired at high temperatures. This makes them resistant to wear and tear, scratching, and staining. Additionally, porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and textures, making it easy to find a style that matches your outdoor design.


Another advantage of porcelain tiles is their slip-resistant surface, which makes them safe to use even when wet. This is especially important for outdoor spaces like patios, where rain or water can accumulate and create slippery surfaces.


Finally, porcelain tiles are also resistant to freezing temperatures, which makes them ideal for use in climates that experience freezing winters. This prevents the tiles from cracking or breaking due to the expansion and contraction caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

4.2 What outdoor tiles are not slippery when wet?

One of the best options for this is exterior grade porcelain tiles with an R11 or higher slip resistance rating.


These tiles are specifically designed for outdoor use and have a rougher texture that helps to increase their slip resistance. They are also more durable and resistant to weathering, which makes them an ideal choice for outdoor areas that are exposed to rain and moisture.


It's important to note that not all porcelain tiles are suitable for outdoor tile floor. Be sure to check the product specifications and ensure that the tiles you choose have been specifically designed for use in outdoor environments.


4.3 Can floor tiles be used outdoors?

Yes, certain types of floor tiles such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and terracotta can be used outdoors. However, it's important to note that not all materials are suitable for all types of climates. In regions with high levels of moisture, porcelain tiles may be the better choice due to their durability and resistance to water damage. It's also essential to select tiles with a textured or rough surface for outdoor use to prevent slipping when wet.


4.4 Are outdoor tiles slippery when wet?

Some outdoor floor tiles can be slippery when wet, especially those with a smooth surface. It's important to choose tiles with slip-resistant properties, such as textured or rough surfaces, to minimize the risk of slipping. Additionally, using a sealant or coating specifically designed for slip resistance can also improve traction on outdoor floor tiles.


4.5 How thick should outdoor tiles be?

The thickness of outdoor floor tiles can vary depending on factors such as the type of tile, the size of the tile, and the intended use of the outdoor space. However, a general guideline for the thickness of outdoor floor tiles is between 10mm to 20mm. Thicker tiles are generally more durable and better suited for high-traffic areas, while thinner tiles may be more suitable for areas with less foot traffic. It is important to consult with a professional to determine the appropriate thickness for the specific outdoor tile project.


4.6 How long do outdoor tiles last?

Outdoor tiles, especially porcelain tiles, can last for nearly 50 years with proper installation and maintenance. Correct installation ensures durability and resistance to harsh weather, while proper care such as regular cleaning and sealing can further prolong their lifespan.


4.7 What is the difference between outdoor floor tiles and paving?

Outdoor floor tiles are made from materials such as stone, slate, granite, marble, and bluestone, while pavers are made from concrete, brick, or natural stone. The surface texture of pavers is usually rough and porous, while outdoor floor tiles can have a smooth or textured finish. Tiles are typically thinner and smoother than pavers, and are ideal for creating a more refined and polished outdoor space, while pavers are more rugged and durable for high-traffic areas.


4.8 What color is best for outdoor tiles?

When selecting outdoor tiles, it's also important to consider the aesthetic aspects. Black tiles can create a bold and dramatic statement, while white tiles can make the space feel bright and airy. Neutral colors like gray and beige are versatile and can complement various landscaping styles.


4.9 Can I put outdoor tile over concrete?

Yes, outdoor floor tiles can be installed over concrete. It's recommended to use a cement base. If the base is existing tile, excavation may be necessary, followed by the installation of a cement underlay and isolation membranes.


4.10 Should I grout outdoor tiles?

Yes, grouting outdoor floor tiles is highly recommended as it helps to protect the tiles from damage caused by weather conditions and exposure to the elements. Without grouting, dirt, moisture, and debris can get trapped between the tiles, leading to the growth of mold and mildew, as well as weakening the structure of the tiles. Grouting also helps to keep the tiles firmly in place, preventing them from shifting or becoming loose over time.


5. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, outdoor tile flooring is a fantastic choice for those looking to improve the look and feel of their outdoor living space. With a wide variety of types, styles, and materials available, outdoor tile flooring provides both beauty and functionality, making it the perfect solution for your outdoor area. Remember to consider factors such as durability, slip-resistance, and style when choosing your outdoor tile flooring to ensure you get the best value for your investment. We hope this guide has given you the information and guidance you need to make an informed decision and create a beautiful outdoor space that you can enjoy for years to come.


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