Aeon Thana Sinsap

In addition to aesthetic requirements, the floor selection in public areas especially requires excellent performance as wear-resistance and scratch resistance and easy maintenance. The choice of floors that can be quickly laid and replaced can also significantly reduce time and money costs. SPC FLOORING can fully meet the above needs. At the same time, it also has 100% waterproof and moisture-proof and B1 fire-proof performance. The choice of multiple colors and designs makes it more favored by most engineering customers.

Villa project in Thailand Koh Samui

Therefore, all the supporting materials of the villa are environment-friendly materials, especially the large-scale sintered stone plate is selected for the ground and wall surface. Optimize every natural raw material, the finished product looks like stone, better than stone. Product texture elegant, simple and generous. It is not only beautiful, but also green and environmentally friendly, with high cost performance.

Apartment In Thailand

It is tortuous to get the project, Because it involves precise production cost control because it is OEM who spent a lot of time in communication design and materials, we are always based on customer demand, contrast the several factories after enterprise of similar products, we constantly seek for optimal solutions and make customers feel we have been together with him in the effort, the results we did also with good quality for the customer saving a lot of effort and cost.

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