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How to Choose the Best Wall Ceramic Tile?

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The ceramic tiles are a combination of durability and fashion, and it is an often-used decoration option for interior and exterior walls. But ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, textures, patterns. No wonder 'how to choose the best wall ceramic tile' is always a heated discussion. As the saying goes, 'It's the best only when it fits you most.' Here are some tips for you to select suitable wall ceramic tiles.


The ceramic tiles are readily accessible in various styles with different prices. Before you start choosing ceramic tiles for walls, you should have a clear idea of your budget. It will help you narrow down the product range without wasting time, and to find the right ceramic tiles in a faster way.


Before you pick the right wall tiles, you need to take into account the style of the entire room. Give full consideration to whether the wall tiles are in harmony with the overall arrangement when selecting. Also, you can coordinate the wall tiles with the interior design feel according to colors or textures. What is mentioned above also applies to the selection of exterior wall tiles.

How to Choose the Best Wall Ceramic Tile


When choosing ceramic wall tiles, it's important to think about where they will be used. For example, wall tiles for the bathroom, toilet, or wet room must be waterproof. Also, always keep in mind the maintenance of wall tiles is not an easy task. The kitchen will be a lot of grease, dirt, or other stains during cooking. It is better to choose those that are more stain-resistant. 

Feeling of space

Generally speaking, the wall tiles are a key to create space illusion thanks to their different sizes and colors. For instance, if you have a lovely compact room, you should lay medium-sized wall tiles rather than small ones. It's an ideal way to change the cramped feeling in a small space and become spacious. 

Concerning colors, try to use white or other light colors instead of multiple colored or patterned ceramic tiles. In this way, your eyes won't focus on one specific pattern or color. Besides, white provides an unrestricted vision breadth and increases light reflection. These visual effects make the room look brighter and larger.


Bear in mind that you need to conceive the wall tiles layout when choosing. For flat areas, large format ceramic tiles can provide a tidy look. Similarly, mosaic tiles are an excellent option for small or curved areas for being flexible. You can lay wall tiles in such a collocation way with no dull. 

However, simple-designed ceramic tiles do not stand for being boring. You can use some characteristic tile laying patterns to spice up your wall. Regardless of the simple grid pattern, there are so many available patterns, such as Herringbone, Brick Bond, Vertical Brick Bond, Modular, Basket Weave, etc. 

At last, I hope these tips can make contributions to your decision, even if only to make it a little easier. By the way, don't forget your sincere partner, WIFi. Here, we have experts with the expertise to offer you considerate services, so what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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