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Things You Need To Notice Before Choosing Subway Tile

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Color is one of the best ways to convey emotions and create a specific feeling. For example, red and some warm colors may make you feel excited and energetic. Conversely, blue, and other cool colors will let you chill and relaxed. There is no wonder that colorful and flexible subway tile has become one ideal option for home decoration.


Subway tile, also known as metro tile, has a wide range of applications. It usually serves as the kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, balcony decoration, and so on. The popularity of subway tile is thanks to the following features. Let's take a look!

Colorful Subway Tile

Small size

Subway tile is very flexible for being a small size. This will make a great impact on interior design, especially for the bathroom. You can extend it to the sink, cabinet, and other narrow areas to visually extend the space. However, this also leads to high labor cost in the installation. It requires more auxiliary materials, and the construction will be more troublesome. Of course, You can also install it yourself with professional installation guidance, as most people do. It not only can reduce your budget but also improve your creativity.

Various Shapes Of Subway Tiles

Rich colors

In general, black and white are more versatile to create a sense of retro elegance. And white subway tile is very suitable for indoor places with poor lighting. It can effectively increase the brightness of the space. Also, there are various colors to choose from, such as orange, green, yellow, and more. However, don’t forget that bright colors are more difficult to go with. So it is advisable to find a professional tile supplier to provide some good looking color combinations or reference project cases.

Diverse shapes

What does subway tile have to do with the subway? Not only because it was created for the subway. More importantly, the traditional subway tile is usually rectangular, which can be lined up neatly. But now, its definition is expanding. It turns out that subway tile is no longer limited to rectangles. It can be square, leaf-shaped, hexagonal, scalloped, and so on. In fact, there are many more uniquely shaped tiles that can achieve am excellent visual effects when used in small areas.

But you may also run into some problems. After all, such subway tile is not a mainstream product with high market demand. Most tile suppliers will not have much variety to choose from. In addition, as the shape is rather special, you should consider the tile layout accurately in advance before installing.

Scalloped Subway Tile

I guess you are very fond of the subway tile but are struggling with the above-mentioned difficulties. Take it easy! WIFi Ceramics is one of the top expertise of subway tile in China. We offer a wide range of stylish subway tiles and after-sales services, including installation and maintenance guidance. In a word, what you can get from WIFi is not only high-quality subway tile but one-stop solutions! You don’t need to worry about anything anymore. We can take care of it all for you! What are you waiting for? Just share your ideas with us directly at We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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