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WIFi Subway Tile

What is Subway Tile

Color is an indispensable element in our life. The abundant colors can make our space more warm, soft, and confident. Subway tiles are such a colorful design.
It belongs to one of our MUSIVO category. It was twinkling, twinkling like summer night stars. It is popular with its rich colors, small specifications, and diverse surface effects. The color combination is the soul of space, you’ll find there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. From warm beige tones to modern and contemporary grey, it is quickly get what you want.
We mainly sell porcelain subway tiles, it has a good performance in waterproof and durable. The real key to its popularity, it complements a variety of interior styles not only for residential spaces but also for commercial areas. It is recommended to be used for the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, home garden, study room, or leisure area when you choose for your home decoration. For commercial areas, subway tiles can be used in background walls, bar counters, and even floors. It will definitely light up your space and keeps the focus there.

Features of Subway Tiles

Porcelain Material
Porcelain subway tiles are denser and less porous than ceramic tiles. They are highly liquid-resistant, making them perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp locations.
Comprehensive Application
Because it is versatility and practicality, the subway tile is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial areas.
Low Maintenance
Porcelain subway tiles are highly stain resistant. That’s the reason why it is one of the best choices for kitchen use because spilled juice, coffee, oil, and other substances can easily wipe away.
Various Shapes
All kinds of 3D effects of molds make your walls and spaces become the leading role, which is unforgettable.
Abundant Colors
Different series have different colors, and each color is the work of 
craftsmanship spirit.
Great Durability
Porcelain subway tiles are made of denser clay, and they are pressed and fired for longer and higher temperatures. This highly dense material is much more difficult to break.
DIY Ideas
Subway tiles are diversity, it is easy to be combined and match with each style. Different person has different taste, you can decorate your home by yourself.
Customized Service
Various styles, colors, and shapes are available, please get in touch with us for more details.





Project Case / Arome Bakery Room, Hong Kong 

Product Code/ SGZ150150-2M 

Product Description / Green Handmade Decor Tile


About the Case

This case is the refurbishment of Arome Bakery Room in Hong Kong

The new image of the bakery combines the western colors, and its biggest highlight is the use of red embryo and dark green handmade tiles as the main body of the whole bakery.
The exquisite interior decoration, lighting, logs, and dark green handmade decor tiles make Arome Bakery Room exude charm from the inside out, noble and unique.
In this case, the dark green handmade decor tiles are the size of 150X150mm and the model of SGZ150150-2M is used. Dark green with ice crack, high color, smooth touch, luxurious atmosphere. Long-lasting wear-resistance, environmental protection, high-pressure resistance, and anti-skid are its characteristics. The red embryo dark green handmade brick made of advanced 3d inkjet printing technology and imported glaze from Europe is full of sincerity. The value of handmade brick is just like this, which is not only a craft, but also an art.

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