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What Is SPC Wall Panel + Is It Good?

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#1. What is SPC wall panel?

SPCs are a type of rigid material with an incredibly high density at around 1.9g/cm³ that can be used in all kinds or applications.

Their full name - Stone Polymer Composite or Stone Plastic Composite - tells you exactly what they contain, as it's made up both from limestone (which provides weight) and stabilizers like polyester for strength.

SPC wall panel has the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, mothproof, mildew proof, easy to clean and so on. The main advantage of SPC wall panel is that it can be used in a variety of environments, including kitchen and bathroom.

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#2. What are the features and benefits of SPC wall panel?

Scratch resistant

The rigid SPC core and the wear layer can protect the wall panel from damage and scratch. The wear layer is a transparent coating, which adds scratch resistance and wear resistance to the wall panel.


An SPC wall panel is 100% waterproof, providing stable performance in the moist environment. With its superior water-resistance, SPC wall panels are more preferably installed in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, laundry rooms.

Stain proof and easy to clean

SPC wall panel is not only 100% waterproof but also stain resistant, which means it requires low maintenance. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep them looking great.

Fire resistant

SPC wall panel is fire resistant to NEPA CLASS B. Any fire on the SPC wall panel will be extinguished within 5 seconds and no toxic fumes will be produced. So it is an ideal choice for use in areas where fire safety is a concern, such as in commercial and industrial buildings.

Soft touch

A touchable sense of luxury can be created by using skin-friendly materials such as linen, silk and suede for the decoration layer.

Environmentally friendly

SPC wall panel is made of environment friendly material that does not produce any toxic gas or harmful substances. So it is friendly for family with children and pets.

Multiple creativity

SPC wall panel can meet the different style needs of customers. Customers can customize their preferred colors, patterns, textures and sizes. Stone look, wood look, fabric look, etc. can be achieved.

Dimensionally stable

SPC wall panel is extremely dimensional stable, and it does not deform or warp over time under normal circumstance. That solves series of afterwards problems.

Can be cut, shaped and drilled

SPC wall panel can be cut, shaped and drilled like wood to accommodate a variety of installation needs.

Easy to install

SPC wall panel is easy to install. With the fast positioning glue, you can complete the rapid installation. The size is generally 1220 * 2600mm to 1220 * 2800mm, and between the two pieces of panels with metal edge line, can present a natural microseam effect.

Light weight  

SPC wall panel is lighter in weight than traditional wall decorations. Usually its thickness is only 3.6 mm, and 7.6KG per square, which can make the space look more spacious by reducing the bearing of the wall while the wall body is not thick.

Energy saving

SPC wall panel has been tested to save 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning in a space. This is because its base layer slows heat transfer and keeps the room temperature stable, thus saving energy.

Noise reduction

The bottom layer of SPC wall panel is designed to absorb sound waves, making it an ideal choice for noise barriers or soundproofing walls. SPC wall panel has excellent sound absorption properties and can reduce the amount of noise that enters a room by up to 50%.

#3. Is SPC wall panel good for your next project?

As you can see, SPC wall panel offers many benefits over traditional construction materials, making it an attractive option for a wide variety of projects.

It is durable, easy to clean, and moisture resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic areas or damp environments. It is also flame retardant and soundproof, making it ideal for use in commercial or industrial settings.

It is environmentally friendly, so you can relax and enjoy the beauty it brings to your space without worrying that it will cause any harm to your health. It is also available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can easily find an option that will complement your existing décor.

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