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  Project Name: Shopping malls in Vietnam
   Project Location: Vietnam
  Project Type: Shopping Malls Bathroom
 Introducing our remarkable project: Shopping Malls in Vietnam.

Nestled within the vibrant landscape of Vietnam, these shopping malls stand as epitomes of elegance and functionality, specifically renowned for their meticulously designed bathrooms.

A hallmark feature of these lavatories is the extensive use of Porcelain Mosaic Tiles, covering a sprawling 780 square meters. The choice of Black Smooth and Sub-surface Tiles in a 1:1 MOSAIC configuration exudes sophistication and uniformity. This meticulous design not only portrays a high level of refinement but also establishes a sense of precision and uniform elegance, elevating the restroom experience for visitors.

Explore the sleek and upscale design achieved through these tiles by clicking here!
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