Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, creating patterns through small irregular pieces of stone. Nowadays, mosaics usually refer to mosaic tiles, which are small pieces of tile held together in a sheet. Also, mosaics can come in many different raw materials, shapes, and colors. As a popular choice for home decoration, what are the features of mosaic tile?



Some mosaic tiles, such as shell mosaic, marble mosaic, and jade mosaic, consist of pure natural raw materials without adding any harmful substances. The mainstream of today's era is to pursue nature and environmental protection. And mosaic tiles are quite in line with the concept of green fashion. There is no wonder that it is still widespread all over the world.


Mosaic tiles have high security for being anti-skid and wear-resistant. Therefore, it has wide applications, such as bath centers, swimming pools, and other places with high anti-slip requirements. Mosaic is more practical and beautiful in comparison with the large floor tile.


The main component of the mosaic is natural stones, with gaps between each small piece. That two factors make it more favorable in terms of wear and stress resistance. It is much better than ceramic tiles, wood floor tiles, and other tiles. Besides, the mosaic can adapt to different conditions no matter in the bathroom or kitchen. In other words, it can maintain good physical and aesthetic qualities, even in high humidity or heat.


As mentioned above, the mosaic is gradually evolved from the traditional small stone to glass,  stone, porcelain, metal,marble, and more. It can greatly highlight the feelings or styles of the material itself. In addition, mosaic tiles are rich in color and color variation, perfect for interior design. It can be an embellishment of other tiles, as well as the backdrop in a large area. By the way, the mosaic is generally through the form of combination to enhance the visual effect. Make reasonable use of the color gradient and tile laying pattern to improve the sense of design.


Try not to fill seams with white cement. First, white cement is rough, which is easy to scratch the surface of mosaic tile, especially the glass mosaic. Second, if white cement adheres to mosaic for a long time, it will corrode mosaic and less glossy. The overall look is not so beautiful. As a result, it is necessary to add sealant between the joints in order to achieve the best seal effect. The sealant is waterproof and stain-resistant, which makes maintenance and daily cleaning easier.

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In conclusion, mosaic tiles allow more space to show creativity. You can design some fashionable patterns or styles according to your preferences. And if you have more creative thinking, there will be more possibilities. Don't hesitate to share your innovative ideas with us! WIFi Ceramics is one of the top 10 mosaic tile suppliers in China. Contact us and we can make your dream come true!



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