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Meet in South Africa – WIFi Staff Visit Customers with Sincerity

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WIFi Ceramics is a professional tile manufacturer with 25 years' experience, a broad selection of tiles are available. Products form WIFi are sold all over the world and they won great reputation in international market. South Africa is our main international market and we have many customers there. Usually we visit them once a year.


In August, our staff communicated with South African customers online in advance and had a nice chat. We appointed suitable meeting time and location before the visit. The day WIFi Ceramics staff arrived in South Africa, our customer arranged their workers to pick us up in airport. After reaching customer's company, our staff received warm welcome and treatment.


Meet in South Africa

Our staff inquired about customers' requirements so that we can know more about what our customers really need. We aimed to know if our customers have any other problems in our products and we will try our best to improve ourselves and make them satisfied. We also introduced our new products in detail and they showed strong interest in these new products. They were looking forward to our next cooperation in the future. 

It was a great visit experience for us because we knew more about our customers and their requirements. WIFi will always focus on tile manufacture and broad selection of tiles to provide our customers all over the world, the most innovative, high-quality ceramic tile and world-class customer service by building a highly qualified team innovative sales strategies, and an efficient technology driven distribution network. At the same time, we will insist being innovative and inspirational to keep competitive.


WIFi, you deserve to trust!

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