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10+Trend Glass Mosaic Tiles for Pools 2023

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When planning a swimming pool installation, it's critical to carefully consider the type of tile best suited for both aesthetics and performance. With just the right amount of reflective light, intense colors, and detailed textures- decorative tiling can instantly impart grandeur into any residential or commercial project! But don't forget those technical details - make sure your selection is high quality with easy maintenance- so you won't have to sacrifice beauty AND practicality.


Transform your swimming pool this year with WIFi Ceramics and their luxurious glass mosaic tiles. For over 29 years, the talented artisans at WIFi Ceramics have been creating stunning mosaic masterpieces to grace pools, residences and commercial properties around the globe.


From breathtaking spillways to sparkling swimouts, infinity edges and spas – our range will make any pool stand out. Not only can you choose how your water looks but also what surrounds it; create a luxe bathroom with intricate tiles or an inviting kitchen featuring sleek backsplashes and countertops that'll last for years. Make sure not forget floors too - they're just as important.


Choose from a selection of the trendiest styles for 2023 to make sure you stay up-to-date. Now check out our 10+ designs today – it's an unmissable opportunity to add pizzazz to your poolscape!


Size: W25000xH10000


Leaves are fresh and full of vitality,bringing the spirituality of nature into the space, from which we can gain a certain feeling and understanding of heartbeats silently. Create a comfortable nature,and let the peace spread quietly in the sun.

These glass mosaic tiles for pools are frost proof and resistant to fading, staining and discoloration. They are also impervious to liquids and vapors.


Size: W25000xH10000


The ripples swing in the calm lake and wrinkle the blue with its coolness. Get enchanted in this blue lake and listen to the ancient call from the deep.

These glass mosaic tiles offer minimum water absorption due to their low porosity. This makes them easy to clean and also makes them resistant to chemical attacks.

Size: W13114xH5657


Elegant lily bloom quietly in the pool. The waves flow and the fragrance diffuses. Right here, release all pressures and annoyance, just rest your heart.

These glass mosaic tiles for pools deliver superior heat retention, which helps keep the pool water pleasantly warm and inviting throughout the swimming season. Furthermore, by providing a durable and safe slip-resistant surface, they ensure that swimmers can enjoy worry-free aquatic fun.

Size: W14700xH5400


The sky is round, the scenery moves with the people, just like in the center of the circle. The elegant blooming pattern and excessive natural color interpret the symmetrical aesthetics of Chinese style and show the magnificent atmosphere.

This type of tile is made from a wide assortment of colored pieces of glass that have been cut, ground and polished until they fit like a jigsaw puzzle. The special artistry involved in these tiles creates a unique display for any pool, although the installation process can be tricky and requires an experienced professional.

Size: W25000xH10000


Early summer and smell the fragrance of roses. White is pure and noble, blue is mysterious and rosy, singing and dancing in the water, blossoming with the colors of youth.

These glass mosaic tiles have proven to be extremely durable - they naturally resist weathering, bleaching from sunlight, and chemical reactions like chlorine buildup. With proper care and maintenance, they can be expected to last up to decades before needing replacement.

Size: W25000xH10000


Soak in the natural beauty of an azure blue, and listen to the slow flow of watery years. As the years go round and round, they tell one wonderful story after another.

These glass mosaic tiles offer great flexibility when it comes to installation because they can be used in virtually any location on an existing or custom-built pool structure.

Size: W20000xH10000


The abstract lines cross helically, creating a kind of unexpected beauty with the unique rhythm. Quietly read the vein of time, pour the blue into the heart. May the years of quiet, times of peace.

Not only are theses glass mosaic tiles for pools highly durable and stain resistant, due to their superior installation process, the grout lines between each tile are drastically reduced, leaving behind elegant and seamless results.

Size: W25000xH10000


Deep blue, charming and mysterious, but flooded with one splendid bubble after another, like beating notes, spiritual and fast, full of vigor and vitality.

These glass mosaic tiles enable vibrant, eye-catching designs with their smooth surface, bright colors, and ability to refract light.

Size: W15568xH5503


The well-arranged leaves represent the law of the endless life in nature. The color which is fresh and beautiful, softly and gently, injects endless vitality into the pool.

From solid interlocking designs to more intricate patterns, the depth and texture provided by these tiles can add a unique aesthetic to your outdoor living space.

Size: W25000xH10000


The breeze wakes the lotus leaves, sending a pool of coolness. The lotus leaves are stacked on top of each other, and under the clear water of the pond, they look more elegant and clean, bringing comfortable and pleasant enjoyment to life.

These tiles add an extra dimension of sparkle and shimmer underwater, which creates a stunning visual effect when the light reflects off the water's surface.


Size: W25000xH10000


The arrival of summer is inexplicably heartwarming. With the beautiful inlaid pattern at the bottom of the pool, you can enjoy swimming here and perform your own style.

These exquisite glass mosaic tiles for pools are more than just visually stunning; they have been designed to withstand the test of time. They're frostproof and won't be affected by liquids or vapors, while their color-fastness ensures years of brilliance without any fading, staining or discoloration.

Size: W17193xH9210


Blooming blue petals are scattered with the fresh breath of quietly elegant in the pool, allowing the waves to flow slowly. Impatient mood also goes with it, and enjoy the moment of quiet and natural integration alone.

These art glass mosaic tiles are perfect for a wide range of applications, both commercial and residential, indoors and out. Many customers have enjoyed this best-seller indoors.

Chip: 48x48x4mm


Crystal glass mosaic, made of natural minerals and glass powder, is the safest building material.

. Features: soft tone, simple, chemical stability, good thermal and cold stability, nodiscoloration, no dust accumulation, light volume weight, firm adhesion.
. It's transparent and shining, like jadeite. The lighting effect is more prominent in the sun, adding extraordinary mysterious color and infinite romantic sentiment to the pool in the night.

These tiles offer superior brightness and clarity when used underwater making it an ideal option for brightening up any pool area.

Sheet 327x327mm


Gold line glass mosaic, containing a certain proportion of filiform or point ribbon metal crystal particles, flickering in light.
. Features: good chemical stability, hot and cold stability, no discoloration,no dust accumulation, light volume weight and firm adhesion.
. It is more texture and high-grade than the general melting mosaic, and the metal crystal particles are evenly distributed and natural, in the form of dotted silk and golden yellow.

Add vibrancy and texture to any space with this one-of-a kind glass mosaic tile. Whether it's a pool, fountain, kitchen backspllash or shower wall - the possibilities are limitless. Experience the thrill of these dazzling tiles in both commercial and residential applications for an unforgettable look that came never be forgotten.

Sheet 298x298mm


Starry sky mosaic, containing irregular distribution of white crystal particles, is as bright as the starry sky. The surface will changes with light.
. Features: good chemical stability, hot and cold stability, no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light volume weight and firm adhesion.
. The surface texture is the same as the luminous effect of pearl, and different light angles will have different light shadow and luminous effect.

These glass mosaic tiles for pools may appear delicate, but the kiln firing process renders them exceptionally strong; a strength which is maintained for many years without fading or discoloration.

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Transform Your Swimming Pool With WIFi Ceramics

WIFi Ceramics offers an exquisite selection of glass mosaic tiles for pools to choose from. Our range of options provides no limit when it comes to the creative desires of architects or designers. Crafted specifically with pool renovation and design in mind, their delightful color selection allows space to be transformed into a stunning space. Glass mosaic tile is perfect for both indoor and outdoor pools as it requires minimal maintenance and its durability makes it resistant to weathering. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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