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What is the Difference Between Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles?

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No matter ground decor or wall decor, they are both very important for the whole house renovation. However, the tiles used for the floor and wall are not the same. If you are not clear about the difference between them, you will not know how to identify when selecting tiles. As a matter of fact, there are many factors that you need to take into account. Now, let's read on and figure it out.

  Calacatta Ceramic Tile

What is the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles?


1. Uses: Wall tiles and floor tiles are used for indoor decoration, both play an important role of protection and beautification. From a different perspective, interior wall tiles decorate the interior walls to avoid damage, spills or pollution. While floor tiles are also called tile flooring, which are mainly used to decorate the floor and create a bright living environment.            


2. Process characteristics: Wall tiles are mostly glazed tiles, which are composed of three parts: body, bottom glaze and surface glaze. Floor tiles are made of clay and fired with various specifications. According to the material, it can be divided into glazed tiles, through-body tiles (anti-slip tiles), polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and more.     

Patterned Floor Tile

3. Water absorption: In terms of the physical property, wall tiles belong to pottery, and floor tiles are usually ceramic products. The two materials are very different in the choice of clay ingredients in the firing process. 

The water absorption of wall tiles is about 10%, which is several times higher than that of floor tiles with only 1% water absorption. The ground of bathroom and kitchen should be paved with floor tiles that have a low water absorption. The reason is that the floor will be washed with a large amount of clean water frequently, so that the tiles cannot be affected by water vapor and do not absorb stains. 

Wall tiles are glazed pottery with relatively high water content. Its back is generally rough, which is also conducive to tile adhesive stick on the wall. And floor tiles are not easy to stick firmly on the wall. If wall tiles are used on the ground, it will absorb too much water and become difficult to clean. It is visible that walls, floor tiles cannot be mixed.            

4. Variety style: Floor tile has various styles, but the color and pattern is relatively simple. While the wall tile pattern is rich, fine, and some have also produced concave-convex texture that can create artistic effects with different styles. Floor tiles are usually square, with large sizes. The commonly used sizes are 600X600mm, 800X800mm, 1000X1000mm, etc. The inner wall tiles are rectangular and square, but the sizes are relatively small, with specifications of 100X100mm, 50X100mm, etc.            


Porcelain Tile For Bathroom

Which is expensive for floor tiles or wall tiles?


From the price analysis, the price of dark color glaze is slightly higher than that of light color glaze. The price of imported colored glazed tiles is higher than that of domestic ones, ranging from 100 to more than 200 yuan per square meter. Ceramic tiles have different sizes and prices, the tiles of same variety but produced by different manufacturers have different prices. 

  • The price of domestic brands of high-grade tiles is between 70 and 250 yuan per square meter.

  • The price of middle-grade tiles is between 50 and 150 yuan.

  • The price of low-grade tiles is between 20 and 50 yuan, basically 1 yuan per piece. The surface of such tiles is also smooth, but due to some quality problems, consumers cannot use them for a long time.           

After reading the difference between floor tiles and wall tiles introduced to you in the above text, you can find that the difference between the two is also relatively large, and it is easy to make a distinction. However, no matter what kind of products are purchased, it is necessary to find a reputable manufacturer, so that you can rest assured when using the floor tiles and wall tiles, which is expensive, the price can not be said, quality.The quantity and price are different.                 

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