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How to choose floor tiles for living room?

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The living room is the main part of the decoration. When choosing the materials for the floor decoration of the living room, wear-resistant and easy-care materials should be selected. For the living room decoration, many people will choose living room floor tilesbecause the tiles are not only wear-resistant, but also have good decorative effects. Next, I will introduce what tiles are good for living room and how to choose tiles for living room.


Wood Look Floor Tiles For Living Room

What tiles are good for the living room?

1. Glazed tiles

The surface of the glazed tile is burned with glaze. Depending on the material, it can be divided into ceramic glazed tile and porcelain glazed tile. Ceramic glazed tiles have higher water absorption and lower strength, while porcelain glazed tiles have lower water absorption and higher strength. Glazed tile is a relatively common type of brick. It is not only rich in color, but also has strong antifouling ability.


2. Polished tiles

The polished tiles have a smooth surface. The polished tiles are relatively smooth, hard and wear-resistant. They are more suitable for indoor spaces except toilets and kitchens.


3. Vitrified brick

Vitrified bricks are made by high temperature firing. The texture is harder and more wear-resistant than polished tiles, but the price is more expensive. Generally, tiles with a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% are called vitrified tiles. Due to the low water absorption, the hardness It is also relatively high and is not easily scratched.


Living room tile selection tips

1. The color of the living room floor tiles

The color of living room floor tiles can be determined according to the owner's preference, but it must also be combined with the lighting conditions of the living room. If the lighting is better, you can choose a warm color system. If the lighting conditions are not so good, you can choose a cold color system to make up for it.


2. The size of the living room floor tiles

The size of the floor tiles needs to be determined according to the size of the living room. Generally, 800 * 800 floor tiles are more suitable for 30-50 square meters. 60-100 square is more suitable for choosing 1000 * 1000 floor tiles.


3. The type of living room floor tiles

Glazed antique bricks are more prominently warm, retro, and nostalgic, suitable for classical decoration and European decoration. The simple European-style living room is best to choose polished floor tiles, especially the simple European-style decoration with white as the main color. But polished floor tiles may be slippery, and families with elderly or children are not suitable for homes. If it is not the simple European style mainly based on white, then you can use antique tiles, which are non-slip and fit the simple European style.


I have introduced here about what kind of tiles to use for living room decoration and tips for choosing living room tiles. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - WIFi Ceramics, an expert in the tile industry, to help you solve any problems.

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