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What Types of Floor Tile Make Your Balcony Fabulous?

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Generally speaking, tiles for balcony floor are usually chosen with the view to keep the outdoor space extremely beautiful and fabulous. But besides having an outdoor tile that will keep your balcony fabulous, another key aspect that is usually considered is the durability of the chosen balcony floor tiles.


Also of utmost importance is having a non-slip version of balcony tiles. This is important since these outdoor spaces are usually open and exposed to a liquid that may get them very slippery. So, in order to help you make the best choice of floor tiles for balcony that will be durable, non-slip and above all fabulous, here is our best pick for you.

Best Floor Tiles For A Fabulous Balcony

1. Ceramic

Ceramic Tile with Different Patterns

The traditional ceramic floor tiles are generally the best for outdoor flooring since they are very strong to withstand different weather condition they may be exposed to in the balcony. Besides the sturdy nature of ceramic tiles, they also come in various colours, designs and patterns that make them very apt in making your balcony beautiful.

2. Soapstone

Soapstone Tile Flooring

Soapstone is well known for their silky and smooth texture. Besides these amazing features, soapstone tiles are also a non-porous natural stone which is very resistant to stain and water. More so, soapstone tiles for balcony floor are heat resistant, and this makes them very useful in hot climate environment as well as around swimming pools due to the non-slippery design.

3. Sandstone

Sandstone Tile For Balcony Floor

This is another product of sedimentary rock with a beautiful texture that makes them very useful in the beautification of your balcony. As another good example of tiles for balcony floor, sandstone tiles are also easy to clean and they are also best suited for your patios.

4. Quarry 

Quarry Tile

Although once mined from quarries, recent quarry tiles are made from very dense and strong unglazed clay, which are very sturdy and durable. Their extremely strong quality makes quarry tiles best suited for outdoor flooring in courtyards and patios.

To enhance the beautification of your balcony, quarry tiles also come in various attractive colours such as brown, grey and even red.  If you are a fan of the Mediterranean view, quarry tiles may just make your day if you have them on your balcony floor.

5. Travertine

Travertine Tile Floor

Travertine is a natural stone mined from natural mineral spring deposits, and they are extremely beautiful in colour and texture. Travertine is also known for their extreme hardness, although other qualities may vary markedly based on where they were quarried. When travertine is to be used as tiles for balcony floor, travertine from Italy or Turkey are most preferred since they are water-resistant and non-slip.

6. Porcelain

Glazed Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles are another form of ceramic tiles with very dense and strong quality. These qualities make them most suitable for many flooring projects, especially in patios, courtyard and balcony.


Bottom Line

Whenever you have a need for the best tiles for balcony floor, you may not have to look too far because these few above are the top-rated in the industry. Thinking of where to buy any of these fabulous tites for your balcony? Kindly contact us because we got you covered with various colours, design and pattern.

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